Famous for Her Pretty Face, Did Im Yoon-ah (SNSD’s Yoona) Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Dental Veneers

The perfect smile can definitely be achieved through dental veneers, or a procedure that laminates the teeth to form a whiter and straighter smile. In this case, Yoona has been seen with a prettier smile, compared to previous pictures that show off uneven teeth and protruding canines.

yoona snsd plastic surgery

The pictures above indicate such allegations, with the after pictures showcasing straighter and more even-looking teeth, while the before picture has the teeth taking on a more sharp, V-like shape. The spacing of teeth also seem to be a lot tighter and more uniform in the after pictures, indicating the laminating process that does slightly enlarge the size of each individual tooth.

Fans’ Reception

Fans from all over speak in support of Yoona, and deny the allegations of plastic surgery. They firmly believe that her natural beauty came from the process of puberty and slowly growing into herself. Fans have also said that Yoona is very rigorous when it comes to self care such as skincare and other things that might contribute to her beauty in the long run. So we will leave it up to our readers, what do you think about Yoona’s apparent beauty?