SNSD’s Sunny Showing Off Her Sexiness During a Bikini Photoshoot!

The Cute Woman, SNSD’s Sunny

Is there anyone who doesn’t know SNSD or also known as Girl’s Generation? They are one of the most popular girl groups that have inspired new idols from three generations to follow in their footsteps. Many of their hit songs reached the top of the charts both in Korea and internationally. Also, their song “Gee” was really popular around the world, many people and even some idol groups have made covers of the dance for some big events.

One of the members of SNSD is very famous and widely known for her aegyo but also her sexy body, guess who? Yup, she is Lee Sun-kyu or known by her stage name as Sunny. Considering that she has one of the most petite bodies in SNSD (alongside with Tae Yeon) her body is no joke.

That’s why, today we are going to see one of her photo shoots that shows off her beautiful and curvy body shape. Get ready and let’s go!

A Collection of Sunny’s Bikini Photos

This photo was taken from a show titled Invincible Youth from the 13th episode, around 2011-2012. Sunny was wearing a slight bikini with a pink top and a white lace shirt that covered up her upper body. Looking so sexy but also cute at the same time. How is that even possible? Only Sunny knows the answer.


Wearing a traditional bikini in a black and white polka-dot pattern and a light pink ribbon hair accessories, Sunny looks really stunning and innocent while eating her snacks.

Continuing to a semi-bikini style, this photo was taken during Girl’s Generation 7th Anniversary Party Massage Cards in 2014. Sunny looks really adorable and cute in this photo for sure, right guys?

Here are the photos where Sunny is wearing her red bikini for Girl’s Generation music video “Party” that was released in 2015.

A bright red top and bottom, Sunny obviously looks incredibly gorgeous and sexy, especially by looking at the last picture where she took a selca and shows off her slim stomach and small waist.