Let’s Check Out The Transformation of SNSD’s Seohyun Through Time

Seohyun In 2019

She hasn’t had much activity during 2019, but a Korean news outlet announced that Seo Hyun has signed with a new agency as an actress, Namoo Actors. The agency itself is a place were several famous actors and actresses stayed, for example, Park Min Young, Shin Se Kyung, and Do Ji Hwan.

Here is one of Seo Hyun’s videos from the Namoo Actors official YouTube account:

Seo Hyun Latest News and Update

snsd girls generation seohyun

Seo Hyun Explains More Details of Her Character In the Up-Coming Short Form Drama ‘Hello Dracula’!

The team behind ‘Hello Dracula’ released a handful of still cuts from the drama on January 30, which gives us a view of Seo Hyun’s main character, named An Na. She is an elementary school teacher, but hides a burdensome secret. Seo Hyun, herself, gives some further details about the character:

“An Na is a character who bears the weight of the world on her shoulders while fiercely making the effort to show he mother, the only family she had in the world that she is living her life confidently.”

snsd girls generation seohyun

Seo Hyun then continued to say, “To me ‘Hello Dracula’ is a drama that i want to share with many people out there, something I’m excited about waiting for. It’s a warm and emotional human drama, and i hope it becomes that sort of gift to all the viewers as well.”

The drama ‘Hello Dracula’ was directed by Kim Da Ye, who previously worked on ‘Beautiful World’ and ‘My ID is Gangnam Beauty’. Both of the premiere episode will be aired on February 18 & 19 at 9:30 p.m KST, make sure you don’t miss it!

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