Let’s Check Out SNSD’s Seohyun’s Appearance On MBC’s ‘King Of Masked Singer’

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On November 5th, 2019, Seohyun showed off several photos of herself as she helped the design of a sport purple padded jacket. The brand, MICHAA, collaborated with Seohyun while designing the Violeta jacket. Beside the photos, Seohyun also appeared behind the scenes of making the design for the jacket with a variety style that suits her character.

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In the making video, Seohyun revealed that she has worn many padded jackets before, but she hasn’t found the one who suited her tastes in fashion. The singer who has also become part of the cast of a drama musical revealed that she would personally choose Purple for the padded jacket and she also paid a lot of attention while designing the new collection with MICHAA.


Well, Seohyun is one of the talented members of Girls’ Generation and now she has enlarged her career as a singer and she does a lot of her favorite things while enjoying her life to the fullest. Let’s hope for the best for Seohyun’s career, upcoming schedules and solo comeback or reunion with Girls’ Generation in the future!