The Latest News About Im Yoon-ah (SNSD’s Yoona) You Have to Know!

Pandora’s New Model

Yoona’s charming beauty is well-known. Because of her visual, many brands want her to act as their spokesperson. This time, Pandora, a jewelry brand from Denmark, contracted Yoona as their new model.

They chose her not only because her beautiful visual, but they also felt her image suits the jewelry charms from Pandora well. They said, “We choose Yoona, whom not also has the luxurious image but also positive to be our product’s model. We believe that Yoona’s bright and feminine image will create a good synergy with our brand’s charm.”

The Most Waiting In 2018, Yoona’s Comeback with Oh! GG

SNSD or Girl’s Generation, is the one of South Korea’s most popular girl-groups. The group’s fans, SONEs, are spreading around the world. When it first debuted, the group had nine members, but now SNSD only has five. The members who left the group are Jessica, who left in 2015, and Seohyun, Sooyoung, and Tiffany, who all left in 2017.

When the last three left the group, SNSD went on hiatus, but, SONE’s should put aside their grief, because SM Entertainment debuted the new sub-unit girl-group of SNSD, called Oh! GG.

Oh! GG has 5 members: Yoona, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Taeyeon, and Yuri. Their new music video, Lil’ Touch was released on September 5. In only 4 days, the video had already reached 20 million viewers on Youtube. It seems like SONEs are really excited for their Idol’s comeback.

Oh! GG’s members looked sexy in this video, with their elegant dress and all over black suits. Yoona looks so pretty with her half-length dark hair. In Lil’ Touch, members had challenging choreography that focused on body flexibility and sexiness. The music was also really catchy. Besides Lil’ Touch, Oh! GG released  another single titled Fermata. 

This breathtaking comeback is literally worth all the long waiting. It also proves that the senior girl-group SNSD can still rock, and so can their loyal fans, SONEs.