The Latest News About Im Yoon-ah (SNSD’s Yoona) You Have to Know!

At this event, Yoona wore a short black dress, paired with plain black shoes. This simple look made her appear both elegant and beautiful.

Yoona said “I would like to say thanks to the first lady for inviting me. I experienced a warm day by meeting new people who also like to giving. Because of my work, I think that my act will inspire many people. Therefore, I will try harder to do a lot of charity.” What a generous woman.

Angry Yoona Had Her Instagram Hacked

On July 8, Yoona uploaded a photo on her Instagram to speak out about her hacked social media accounts. She announced that she’d been hacked by sharing a solemn message. She said, “I don’t know how long ago it happened, but my Instagram password has been changed, so I’m unable to log in. Right now, I can’t log out because I won’t be able to access my account again.”

She was furious because the hacker was messing up her personal means to communicate with SONEs. She said, “This happened yesterday, as well. This kind of situation keeps arising in a personal space that I use to communicate with my fans.”

This unpleasant thing happened several times. She revealed, “This kind of thing has happened multiple times, not only on Instagram, and I think that the time has come for me to say something, out of discomfort and concern. Please respect my privacy by not changing my personal information.”

The Next Main Role in the Movie Exit

We know that Yoona is famous for her singing and dancing skills in the girl-group SNSD, but you should also know that Yoona’s acting skill is undoubted. She’s already starred some famous dramas, such as The K2 and The King in Love in 2017. She even won some awards in Seoul Awards 2017. 

This time, she has been cast in a main role for the movie Exit. The movie represents a new genre for her, being an action-thriller. Her antagonist in the film is Jo Jung-suk, a senior actor with the unquestionable acting skills. On August 7, a photo was published of Yoona, Jung-suk, and the other cast members. They seemed excited for the ‘script reading’ meeting. According to Allkpop, the shooting began on August 4, so this photo might have been taken before that date.

The movie will released the summer of 2019. Yoo-nam (Jo Jung-suk), an unemployment man, celebrates his mother’s 70th birthday and meet his college junior, Eui-joo (Yoona). Suddenly, a terrible thing happens: Toxic gas begins to spread around the city, which needs to be evacuated, or everyone will die.

Since the movie won’t be released until next summer, we have to be patient to see Yoona’s performance with Jo Jung-suk. Yoona promised her fans that she will give her all for the role, so it should be worth the wait.