The Latest News About Im Yoon-ah (SNSD’s Yoona) You Have to Know!

What did Miss Visual of SNSD do in 2018 ?

After a long-time hiatus because of some members of SNSD leaving the group, SONEs must be curious about what Yoona has been doing lately. As the center and visual of the girl-group SNSD, Yoona has been busy in some commercial campaigns, and has also been busy with her acting schedules for some dramas and a movie. Find out more about Yoona’s latest news, from birthday gifts to the long-awaited comeback of SNSD, by reading below!

Wondrous 28th Birthday of Yoona

On May 30, as usual, Yoona’s birthday was enlivened by her close friends and fans. Yoona’s instagram account was filled with birthday wishes from SONEs around the world. Not only online wishes, either, her fans had various unique gifts for her.

This year, her fans give her the most meaningful gift, ever. Yoona’s fans in China built a school, and called it the “Yoona Lim Primary School of Hope”, to celebrate her birthday! The school is located in Yunnan, China, and the opening ceremony was held at the second semester of 2018.

The fans also held a photo exhibition, titled “Yoon Way & Hope”, in Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu which was scheduled to be held around April and May. All the earnings from this photo exhibition were being donated to the Yoona Lim Primary School of Hope.

It seems like the fans behaved the way Yoona does. Yoona is known as a generous celebrity in South Korea, who is often involved in charity work. Let’s hope this school will offer hope and a future to children who haven’t had many other opportunities.

Elegant Yoona in Government Event

Yoona is not only famous in entertainment world, but is also often invited by the South Korean government as a guest or an ambassador. Some time ago, Yoona was chosen by the Ministry of Interior and State Security to be a safety ambassador in South Korea, along with another SM Entertainment Idol, EXO CBX.

On July 3, Yoona attended a luncheon event at the invitation of the first lady, Kim Jung-sook. Yoona was invited for her contributions to Community Chest of Korea. She donated 100 million Won for the community, so she become a member and got a social award in 2015.