SNSD’s Sunny’s Transformation From Pre-debut Until Now!


Meet Sunny The Cute Member of Girls’ Generation

Sunny Girls’ Generation who has real name Lee Soon-kyu is born in America and becomes a singer in the legendary girl group Girls’ Generation. She debuted in 2007 and more popular after Girls’d Generation become one of the best -selling artists in South Korea and worldwide.

Sunny is a niece of Lee So-Man, the founder of SM Entertainment. Since a child, she was moving place around another country due to her parent’s job. She built a dream to become a singer from a child as her father also experienced in music band at the university. She almost debuts as duo group “Sugar” then decided to move as a trainee in SM Entertainment.

Let’s get through to her transformation during pre-debut till now on this Channel-Korea below! Stay tuned!



Sunny born in California, when she still a baby, she moved to Kuwait and then moved again to South Korea. In 1998, she became a trainee in SM Entertainment and spent five years there in training. Then, she was transferred under Star world agency and about to debut in a duo group called Sugar, but the group wasn’t successful.

Here some photo of Sunny when she still a child below,

Sunny has been cute since a little child.


Her beautiful smile has been there during her teenage.


Look at her charming smile!

Beautiful Sunny when she was a teenager. She looked the same as after debut in 2007.



In early 2007, Sunny gets convinced by Ayumi Lee, the South Korean singer to come back again to SM Entertainment, and become a trainee again. Then, she becomes one of the girl member groups called SNSD or Girls’ Generation number 9, who debuted in August 2007.

Sunny on the debut era showing her bubble-pure face.


Sunny is looks pure and so innocent. Do you agree?



Still as a group member of Girls’ Generation, Sunny also contributed as co-host in the Melon Chunji Radio with Sungmin Super Junior. She was cute with her bangs and her smile purely.


She also sings a soundtrack song “You Don’t Know About Love” on the SBS drama Working Mom in August 2008. Her pure beauty seen in this era, she still has the same image as a debut era in 2017.



Sunny get more popular after Girls’ Generation has been released “Gee” in 2009. She also released two songs “Finally Now” and “It’s Love” for drama Healing to the Ground with Taeyeon Girls’ Generation.

Sunny has image cute and sweet looks in this era where Gee and Genie become so many popular songs.


Girls’ Generation also released “Tell Me Your Wish” or “Genie” in 2009. Sunny still manages her bangs with a chic and cute style.



Sunny has released a song called “Your Doll” as a soundtrack of the drama Oh! My Lady, this song has been made her enter the Gaon Digital Chart number 88. Oh! also released this year from Girls’ Generation.

Sunny looks cute with her hair braid tail style, and she still had her bangs.

Moreover, she also joins the reality show Invincible Youth that experiencing rural and agricultural life along with fellow members of Girls’ Generation.



Sunny still continue on the reality show Invincible Youth 2 on KBS. She got praised as great adaptability and intelligence.

She has her bangs and long hair, she still has a cute image but a strong aura.

Girl’s Generation also released the album in Japanese record, with all of their song translated into Japanese. Sunny with her long hair appeared wonderful and chic.



Sunny cut her hair very short like a man’s hairstyle, and she looks tomboy. Sunny becomes the host for the SBS MTV program Music Island. She also recorded a duet song titled “I Love You, I Love You”. In 2012, Sunny as a Girls’ Generation member released Paparazzi in Japan and getting hits over time.

Sunny has become short hair. She looks fresh with a new look.


Sunny, with her short confident hair, the new look very fit her, she more exposes her character to this style.



In 2013, Sunny released the song “The 2nd Drawer” for soundtrack drama “The Queen’s Classroom”. She also busy with Girls’ Generation in an Asian world tour and Girls & Peace:2nd Japan Tour.

Sunny dyed her hair into a purple color and any other color. She looks tomboy yet beautiful in this era.



Sunny has grown her hair, she looks like an adult woman, with elegant style. In 2014, Sunny along with Girls Generation members released Mr, Mr and become hit and reached number one in South Korea.



Sunny has grown her hair a bit and dyed into dark brown, she still looks fresh and beautiful.

Sunny joined cast members in the SBS reality show Roommate and also hosting MBC radio show FM Date. Charming and alluring Sunny. What do you think?


She has been talented as a radio host and gets an award “Rookie Radio DJ Award”.

They also released “Catch Me If You Can” that reached number 19 in South Korea and Japanese version number 8. She dyed her hair red and showing a cool style.


Lion Heart also released in the same year, Sunny has changed her hair to red. Love this color, making her in the spotlight!



Sunny become a judge on Vocal War: God’s Voice where is a program of the vocal battle between veteran singers in South Korea.

Sunny looks more queenly with her fashion and style. What is your opinion?


Sunny also becomes Naver TV Cast on Snowball Project. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Girls’ Generation released “Holiday Night”

Sunny dyed her hair into blonde and then bright pink. This made her so chic!




In 2018, Sunny active on Real Life Men and Women, Season 1, 1 aired on MBN.

Sunny appeared alluring with her dark brown almost black hairstyle.


She also becomes the performance Mentor at Supermodel 2018 Survival. She becomes more herself during herself, no more cute style.


In 2019, Sunny becomes the main host on Video Star: Season 2 aired MBC Every1.

She had her bangs style on the front side of this era. She looks modern and beautiful still.

Sunny also active in Shall We Chicken broad-casted on JTBC.


Sunny looked fresh and confident on her skin as she uploaded in her Instagram saying #I think I’m precious #I don’t want to lose even a gram #when should I diet #Lee Soon Kyu do whatever you want to do #eat everything you want to eat #I love my Pilates teacher.”

That’s all about Sunny transformation from pre-debut to recent. Which appearance do you like fit on Sunny? We love today’s looks! Keep supporting Sunny on her career and perhaps another comeback of Girls’ Generation? Put your comments and share your thoughts below!