Do You Wanna Know the Latest News of SNSD’s Sunny? Here Are The Details and Her Full Profile

Sunny’s Career

In 1998, Sunny become a trainee at SM Entertainment for five years. Prior to her debut, she worked as a chorus singer and also worked in the KBS children’s choir. When she auditioned, no one knew that Sunny is Lee Soo-man’s niece. After being a trainee for 5 years, Sunny move to Starworld Entertainment where her dad worked as a manager. She managed to debut in a duo group named Sugar but never made a name for herself in the industry. Then, Sunny came back to SM Entertainment again and after a few months made her debut with Girls Generation, in 2007. Sunny has the longest trainee period compared to the other members of the group.

In Korea, Girls Generation’s name became big with the song “Gee” in 2009, and Sunny also gained more popularity. When she just debuted, her status as Lee Soo-man’s niece made controversy but Sunny demonstrated her ability as a singer and was able to break all the rumors. Right after her debut in 2007, Sunny sang for the soundtrack of the drama Thirty Thousand Miles in Search of My Son with other SNSD members: Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany, and Seohyun. After that, she continued singing for the soundtrack of the drama Oh! My Lady, The Queen’s Classroom, etc. Not only she sang on soundtracks, but Sunny also made collaborations with other singers. In 2012, she collaborated with Miryo, a member of Brown Eyed Girls (BEG), for Miryo’s solo album.

Sunny also contributed in Hwang Soun Je Project and become the singer for the 3rd lineup. In 2016 and 2017, Sunny released some songs under SM Station. The first song is titled “Sound of Your Heart” where she collaborated with other SMTOWN artists, such as Taeyeon from Girls Generation and Taeil from NCT.

The second song is titled “U&I,” where she collaborated with Henry. Both of her solo songs are quite catchy and easy to listen.

Not only singing, but Sunny is also good at acting. She appeared several times in some dramas in a cameo role. Because she is good at acting and singing, Sunny also performed in musicals. Her first musical is Catch Me if You Can, where she performed as the leading character’s love interest.

Following the success of her first musical, Sunny performed again in the musical Singing in the Rain. The musical was produced by SM Entertainment and featured other SM artists, such as Kyuhyun from Super Junior and Baekhyun from EXO. In the musical, Sunny was performing the role of Kathy Selden, an inspiring actress. Her third musical is the Japanese musical titled Caffeine, where she performs as the leading character. The story of this musical is about love between a girl who likes coffee and a boy who likes wine.

Sunny is also famous for her funny appearances in variety shows. She became a permanent member of season 1 and 2 of the show Invincible Youth. Even though she had to drop out in season 1, Sunny came back again for season 2. Her appearances made a great impression on the viewers. In 2014, Sunny was cast for the SBS show Roommates. The concept of the show is eleven artists living together in one house and doing activities together. Sunny was also cast for season 2. Sadly, the show didn’t manage to get good ratings, so it had to be canceled. In 2018, Sunny became the main host of the show Video Star, with comedians Park Na-rae and Kim Sook and actress Park So-hyun. In October 2018, Sunny stepped down from her position as host to undergo treatment for her knees.

Seems like Sunny’s soothing voice is her unique characteristics. Because of her soothing voice, Sunny become a radio DJ for 2 years at the MBC FM4U’s Sunny’s FM Date. Before having her own show, Sunny had already been a DJ for Melon Chunji Radio, where she hosted a radio program with Sungmin from Super Junior. Because of her good performance in hosting the program, Sunny got the Rookie Radio DJ Award from MBC Entertainment Awards in 2014. Here’s the clip of Sunny hosting the program.

Sunny also dubbed her voice for an animated movie. In 2014, Sunny dubbed her voice in the movie Rio 2 where she dubbed for the character Jewel. Wow, Sunny is really a multitalented artist!


Sunny’s Physical Features

Among Girls Generation members, Sunny’s physical features are standing out the most compared to the other members because of her petite body (her height is 158 cm and she weighs 47 kg). But, Sunny has long legs so she doesn’t look that short. She and Taeyeon have same the height. Other Girls Generation members, who have short height are Tiffany and Hyoyeon.

Even though she isn’t tall, Sunny was chosen as the sexiest member of Girls Generation. The reason for this is her ability to take care of herself and look good in front of the camera. The other reason is her voluminous chest. Sunny confidently shows her chest in behind the scene of Party music video, that she posted on her Instagram. Here’s the photo.

In the photo, she is posing in a red bikini with red hair. Sunny also poses in a bikini for a pictorial for Sure Magazine.

In the pictorial, Sunny is photographed in a swimming pool enjoying the summer in her bikini. Seems like Sunny is very confident and proud of her body!


Sunny’s Social Media

Sunny is quite active on social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter. She mostly posts her personal activities on her Instagram @515sunnyday. In 2013, Sunny posted a photo of her attending Michael Jackson’s concert in Vegas with her sister and brother-in-law.

After taping for a show, Sunny always posts her photo from the show. Below is the photo of when Sunny was a guest in the show Running Man.

Sunny also often posted Girls Generation’s group photos. This is a photo of the group celebrating Tiffany’s birthday.

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#채널소시 #막방 기념 짤털이

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Sunny has two cats, named “Sogeumi” that means “salt” in English and “Simba”. She often posts Sogeumi’s photos on her Instagram. Seems like Sunny is a cat person!

Sunny also posted a photo with her dad when she was a child. In the picture, you can see how little she is in the photo.

On her Twitter account, Sunny rarely posts about her personal activities. Most of her posts are about promoting Girls Generation’s comeback. Recently, Sunny has posted about Oh!GG’s comeback on Twitter. Here’s the post.

Sunny’s Plastic Surgery

In Sunny’s early debut days with Girls Generation, there were many rumors about her having done plastic surgery. In the show Strong Heart, Sunny’s past photo was revealed as a joke and shocked everyone by how different she looked.

If we look at Sunny’s past photos, there are some differences in her face. The first thing is her eyes. In her past photo, her eyes look a little bit smaller. But now, her eyes look large. We can’t be sure if this is a result of her makeup or maybe she really has done eyelid surgery. The second difference is her baby fat. Because of her job as a singer and public figure, Sunny has to diet to maintain her weight. Maybe the diet made her losing some baby fat from her cheeks.

Sunny herself has never talked about having done plastic surgery and netizens only speculate based on her past photos. In 2015, Sunny was a guest in the show Take Care of My Refrigerator. After the show aired, netizens speculated again about Sunny having done plastic surgery because she has a bigger nose and looks different from what she previously looked like. But, again, Sunny didn’t give any statements about the rumor.


Sunny’s Hairstyle

In every Girls Generation comeback, Sunny always experiments with her hairstyle. Let’s find out her hairstyles to get inspired!

In her early debut days, Sunny’s hair is simple long wavy brownish hair with a fringe. With this hair, she looks cute and pure. You can see this hairstyle in “Gee” Music Video.

In this picture, Sunny has a blonde short hair with a fringe. With this hairstyle, Sunny looks fearless and confident. She uses this hairstyle for “The Boys” comeback. You can see her hairstyle in this music video.

The next hairstyle is two-tone curly short hair. Sunny has two-tone hair for the “I Got a Boy” comeback. Not only one kind of two-tone, Sunny experimented with some colors. In these pictures, you can see Sunny in purple-white hair, blue-white hair, pink-white hair, and even rainbow!

You can see this kind of hairstyle in the “I Got a Boy” music video. In the video, Sunny has curly blue-white hair.

In 2016, Girls Generation made a comeback with the song “Party.” For this comeback, Sunny dyed her hair red.

In the teaser photo for the “Mr.Mr.” comeback, Sunny has a long curly black hair. This hairstyle makes Sunny look sexy and mature.

Even though she has experimented with many colors and hairstyle, Sunny still looks cute as ever!