Discography: Complete List of SNSD’s Songs and Albums

The ninth song is titled “Not Alone”, the last track of the second Japanese full album Girls’ Generation II ~Girls & Peace~. The song which is written, composed and arranged Erik Nyholm and Patrick Hamilton started by the piano and Tiffany’s husky voice. The song itself told about a woman’s lonely thought about loving someone as she cannot express how much the love she has for her significant other. Here you may listen to “Not Alone” by SNSD!

The tenth song is titled “Back Hug”, the fifth track of the fourth mini-album Mr.Mr. The song which is written by Cho Yoonkyung, composed by Ingrid Skretting and Jesper Borgen, and arranged by Hwang-gundan (Hwang Sungjae, Nickel, and Jung Soomin) started by all SNSD members’ harmonious voice which is followed by Taeyeon’s solo part. The song itself told about a woman’s loving moments with her dear one as they spend their time together, in which the woman hopes that those moments will stay that way in the future time. Here you may listen to “Back Hug” by SNSD which peaked at #24 on Gaon Digital Chart and #62 on Gaon K-pop Hot 100 Digital Chart!

The eleventh song is titled “Karma Butterfly”, the tenth track of the third Japanese full album Love & Peace. The song which is written by Kamikaoru and composed and arranged by Christian Vinten and Grace Tither started by blaring yet mystical electronic tune which is followed by the sub vocalist Sooyoung’s voice. The song itself told about a metaphor of woman who is like a butterfly, spreading her wings to get the freedom and engulf in her own feelings after battling with the countless fight. Here you may listen to “Karma Butterfly” by SNSD!

The twelfth song is titled “DIVINE”. The song, which is written by Kamikaoru and composed and arranged by Stephen Elfgren, Albi Albertsson, and Sean Alexander, starts with the piano and is accompanied by Taeyeon and Sunny’s falsetto. In addition, the song which becomes the last song to feature the former member Jessica Jung told about a woman who lost her path with a dear one in the middle of her journey, waiting for God’s will to guide her to reach the goal that is to be with her significant other for a long time. Here you may listen to “DIVINE” by SNSD!

The thirteenth song is titled “One Afternoon”, the fourth track of the fifth full album Lion Heart. The song which is written, composed, and arranged by Hwang Hyun (MonoTree) along with Shin Agnes is a bossa nova genre song that features Spanish guitars, later accompanied by Tiffany’s rasping voice at the beginning of the song. The song itself told about a woman’s longing over the one whom she has parted away a long time ago, curious about his whereabouts. Here you may listen to “One Afternoon” by SNSD!

The fourteenth song is titled “Light Up the Sky”, the last track of the sixth full album Holiday. The song which is written, composed and arranged by Kenzie along with Erik Lidbom started by the piano and Taeyeon melodious voice. The song itself told about the remembrance of a woman who misses someone she loves as she thinks that both of them are inseparable and know each other best, so a reunion may be possible to happen and the sparkling love will occur once again. Here you may listen to “Light Up the Sky” by SNSD!

SNSD’s Christmas Album


On December 13, 2011, SM Entertainment released their winter album titled 2011 Winter SMTown: The Warmest Gift. This album includes eleven tracks and features all of SM Entertainment’s boy groups, girl groups, and artists including SNSD whose track is titled “Diamond”. The song which is on the fifth track is composed by Kenzie and written by Kim Jungbae in English lyrics, told about a woman’s confession to the man whom she loves and brings her joy. Here you may watch the live performance of “Diamond” by SNSD!

SNSD’s Album Sales


If we talk about the album sales of K-pop idol groups, we certainly cannot exclude SNSD as a top seller because ever since their first full album Girls’ Generation in 2007, they have achieved satisfying results as a rookie (newly debuted) group at that time for selling over 206,000 copies. Similar outcomes happened for their mini-albums, such as Gee at 100,000 copies, Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) at 200,000 copies, Hoot at 192,300 copies in South Korea and 148,700 copies in Japan, and Mr.Mr. at 165,400 copies. Contrarily, SNSD exceeded A record and doubled sales for their upcoming Korean full albums, namely Oh! at more than 418,100 copies, The Boys at 467,700 copies, I Got a Boy at 310,500 copies, and their first Japanese album Girls’ Generation at 864,200 copies. Unfortunately, the departure of Jessica Jung in 2014 did affect the sales of SNSD’s albums as the amounts have been decreased significantly, proven after Lion Heart and Holiday Night only sold more than 154,600 copies and 167,600 copies respectively. Still, in the current time of the Korean music industry, SNSD, along with the junior group TWICE, are considered girl groups whose album sales are as high as the boy groups, proving that even though SNSD is a veteran group, they still have loyal fans who are willing to spend a considerable amount of money to support their beloved idol group. Kudos to SNSD!