SNSD Members’ Boyfriends and Ex-Boyfriends


Let’s Find Out SNSD Members’ Boyfriends

As people mature, the need to have someone to love and cherish increases. Dating for Korean idols is almost always in the spotlight, but many idols still decide to reveal their relationships. This also happened to SNSD’s members. Along their career path, there have been many rumors about each of SNSD’s members dating. But, who are actually those lucky guys that date the queens of K-pop? For you who want to know the boyfriends and ex-boyfriends of SNSD’s members, here is all the known information, so stay tuned!

Who Is Taeyeon’s Boyfriend?


The kid leader of SNSD once revealed that she likes a man who is more youthful than her (not in terms of age, but personality and attitude). In an interview in 2013, Taeyeon revealed that “I want a guy who likes to communicate, calling and texting me often. It’s frustrating when they don’t like phone calls or barely text.” After hearing Taeyeon’s statement, people started to wonder who was the guy that she was referring to.

taeyeon boyfriend

On July 19, 2014, Dispatch shocked everyone when they revealed photos of Taeyeon and a guy in a car. That guy was EXO’s Baekhyun. They were suspected of having a late night car date after EXO’s concert ended in May. They had also been suspected of being in s relationship as they were captured using couple items, such as bracelets, sunglasses, cell phone, etc.

It was also revealed that they have known each other since Baekhyun became a trainee in SM Entertainment, but they started to have feelings for each other since October 2013. “Their mutual interest started near the end of last year, and they started dating since sometime this past February”, revealed a source.

Despite being 2 years older than Baekhyun, Taeyeon acted like a close friend, and the age difference wasn’t a boundary between them. They even created cute nicknames for each other. Taeyeon called Baekhyun “Baekoong” while Baekhyun called Taeyeon “Taenggu”. Here are some photos of Baekhyun and Taeyeon enjoying their late night car date.

taeyeon baekhyun
taeyeon baekhyun

Taeyeon and Baekhyun Break Up

Being the first SM Entertainment couple revealed to the public, the cute couple Taeyeon and Baekhyun’s relationship didn’t last long. After dating for a year, they finally revealed to have broken up.

“Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and EXO’s Baekhyun have recently ended their relationship. Taeyeon and Baekhyun both focused on their individual activities and naturally grew apart. Even last March, Taeyeon secretly attended EXO’s solo concert in Seoul and displayed her affection for Baekhyun, but they eventually weren’t able to overcome their busy schedules. Although the two have ended their romantic relationship, they have decided to remain good sunbae and hoobae”, revealed SportsToday.

Although the news of them breaking up had been confirmed by SM Entertainment, there were still a lot of people who thought that they had gotten back together secretly.

Let’s Find Out About Yoona’s Boyfriend

snsd yoona

During Yoona’s appearance on KBS 2TV Saeng Saeng Information, she revealed her ideal type criteria. “Since the weather is so good and there are pretty flowers, I want to be in a relationship. It must be everyone’s ideal type, but I like someone who can communicate well with me and understand,” she said. After those statements, everyone started to wonder if she had been secretly dating someone.

yoona seunggi

Not only the leader of SNSD but also the Face of the Group, Yoona was revealed to be in a relationship since September 2013. The news of Yoona being in a relationship was revealed by Dispatch. It was revealed that Yoona dated one of Korea’s best actors, Lee Seung-gi. Dispatch reported that they went on a date on October 8, 2013. That day, after returning from his solo concert in Japan, Lee Seung-gi came to pick up Yoona from her parents’ home and went to Han River and even bought her a present. It was also revealed that the couple was very considerate towards each other and never dated past 1 AM.

Yoona had always been known for being picked as Lee Seung-gi’s ideal type for years. But, no one thought that they would become boyfriend and girlfriend. Both of their agencies also confirmed that those two had been in a relationship. “Since it is a personal issue, we don’t know the specific details, but it is true that the two are dating.” It continued, “Since both are young and only in the beginning stages, please look upon them fondly”, Lee Seunggi’s agency Hook Entertainment explained. SM Entertainment boldly said, “Lee Seung Gi and YoonA are currently at the phase in which they are getting to know each other.” As they both were popular Korean stars, their relationship gained so much interest from fans and the public.

Yoona and Lee Seung-gi Break Up


After about more than a year of being a lovey-dovey couple, Yoona and Lee Seung-gi were reported to have broken up. It was revealed that those two parted ways on New Year’s Day by Star News on August 13, 2015. Having a tight and busy schedule has always been a boundary for celebrity couples, and it was the same for Yoona and Lee Seung-gi.

Lee Seung-gi, at that time, was busy with his schedule for his movie Love Forecast, while Yoona was busy with her music career with other SNSD members as well as her Chinese drama shooting. During SNSD’s reality TV Show Channel Girls’ Generation, Yoona also showed signs that they had broken up when she was asked about her relationship with actor Lee Seung-gi. Yoona herself said that she would put Girls’ Generation before her personal life.

Kwon Yuri’s Boyfriend Is a Pitcher?

yuri snsd

While Taeyeon and Yoona dated idols, Yuri chose to date someone who is not a celebrity but a baseball player. Oh Seung Hwan is a South Korean pitcher. He gained the nickname “Stone Buddha” because of his emotionless face in his best and worst competitions.

In April 2015, SM Entertainment confirmed that Yuri and Hanshin Tigers’ pitcher Oh Seung Hwan were dating and met each other through an acquaintance a year before.

Yuri and Oh Seung Hwan’s Dating Style

Just like other couples, both Yuri and Oh Seung Hwan went on several dates together. They enjoyed each other’s company while having meals together, watching movies, and singing songs. Here are some photos their dates.

yuri snsd

Known for having a very emotionless face, Oh Seung Hwan showed a very happy face with a wide smile while walking together with Yuri.

yuri snsd

Despite their tight schedules, they communicated well through calls and texts to get to know each other better. Yuri and Oh Seung Hwan were also captured watching the movie Ode to My Father together. For two to three days, they spent time with each other, and Oh Seung-hwan picked up Yuri and dropped her back off after dates.

yuri snsd

People started to see Oh Seung Hwan with a different personality as he seemed to look bright whenever he was with Yuri.

yuri snsd

Before ending a date, Oh Seung Hwan also brought out a gift from his car for Yuri and shyly hugged her as a goodbye before leaving for matches in Japan.

Yuri and Oh Seung Hwan Break Up


After being together for about 6 months, the sweet couple was revealed to have parted ways in April 2015. Not only because of their busy schedules, the long distance relationship seemed to be hard for both Yuri and Oh Seung Hwan. While Yuri spent her days in South Korea, Oh Seung Hwan was in Japan often because of his career as a baseball player.