Latest News About Girls Generation Members’ Activity: Tae-yeon’s New Album, Yoona’s Reality Show Appearance, and More!

TV Show Appearance


Now that we’ve talked about the comeback activity and performances, let’s move on another area, and take a look at the appearances from Girls’ Generation in some TV shows!


Yoona SNSD

First, we have the visual of Girls’ Generation, Im Yoon-ah, famously known as Yoona! Not only as a visual, but Yoona has also amazed us through her dancing moves, her voice, and her appearance on TV! She has appeared in a lot of TV shows, whether it was dramas, commercial films, or reality and variety shows.

Not long ago, Yoona made her appearance in the TV show, My Ugly Duckling in March, 2019. Not just as a regular participant, either; Yoona was one of the hosts in the show! She participated as a guest star but also hosted one of the episodes of My Ugly Duckling.

My Ugly Duckling represented something of a ‘comeback’ for her with regard to television, since she hadn’t made any other appearances on TV in about a year, following her last appearance in Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast in May, 2018. Her reappearance was something that fans have been anticipating since Yoona has been called the ‘Variety Show Queen‘ since she has made a lot of appearance on various shows.

Watch her appearance in My Ugly Duckling here:

Yoona also made her appearance through drama,. She has been involved in a lot of dramas, such as You Are My Destiny, Cinderella Man, Love Rain, The K2, and one of her new dramas, Exit, where Yoona was collaborating with actor Jo Jung-suk.


Seohyun SNSD

Next, we have Seo Joo-hyun! Most people know her for her singing ability since she was one of the main vocals when she was in Girls’ Generation. After deciding to leave, Seohyun started focusing her career on acting, and she has also been on some TV shows, just like Yoona!

Some of her dramas include series like Ruby Rub Love, Time, Bad Thief Good Thief, Warm and Cozy, Passionate Love, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo and others!

Seohyun SNSD

Seohyun has also made appearances on TV shows like We Got Married and Show! Music Core, and one of her recent appearance on a TV show was through What’s It Like Living Alone.

Watch one of her appearance in What’s It Like Living Alone here:

Recently, Seohyun amazed us through her appearance as a host in The Facts Music Awards 2019.


Off-Camera Activity


After we’re talking about the Girls’ Generation members’ on-screen activity, let’s take a look at what they’ve been up to off-camera! Let’s check this out!


Sooyoung SNSD

First, we have Choi Soo-young, or famously known as Sooyoung! Sooyoung continued her career as an actress. She was already cast in a lot of dramas, such as Squad 38, Man in The Kitchen, So I Married an Anti-Fan, and others, but, she also amazed us with her other activity; she held an exhibition in 2018!

The exhibition was held in Arts Stand in Understand Avenue. The exhibition was named Made in #ChoiSooyoung This Star Shines. The exhibition from Sooyoung was about her year-end project to show us her expression in various ways.


Sooyoung also revealed that the exhibition was a kind of farewell to her 20s. In her exhibition, there were some of her original photos, which were taken by her, and she personally selected all the photos on display at the gallery.


Sunny SNSD

Just like Sooyoung,  it seems like Sunny also shows us her off-camera activity, besides her activity with Girls’ Generation! She was enjoying her quality time with her family, with her friends, even with her pet, a beautiful white cat! Through her Instagram account, we can see her daily activities, just like these:

Sunny is also took time to support her group mate from Girls’ Generation, Kwon Yu-ri, for her musical drama not long ago!


View this post on Instagram


#앙리할아버지와나 👍👍

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Interaction Between Girls’ Generation Members


Even though some of Girls’ Generation’s member have been living separately since some of them moved to different agencies, their togetherness has remained the same! One of their moments recently was when Girls’ Generation’s sub-unit, Oh!GG, was releasing a single, Lil Touch, and the others were still supporting them! In one interview, Seohyun revealed that she was really supporting the comeback through Oh!GG, Seohyun also added that she really loved the first solo album from Yuri, The First Scene.

When Sooyoung was in the drama Memories of a Dead End, some of the Girls’ Generation members such as Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Taeyeon and Seohyun attended the movie screening to support her!


On one occasion, Sooyoung also revealed her and the rest of the group’s desire to hold a reunion concert, even though it wasn’t concrete plan. But obviously all of the member were hoping for that.

On another occasion, Sunny was showing her support towards Yuri and Tiffany, not long ago! Sunny went to the movie screening for Yuri’s drama musical!

Yuri & Sunny

Sunny also shared her reunion photos together with Tiffany Young at their reunion last February, 2019!

Future Comeback Prediction as a Whole Group


SONE all around the world has been hoping that all of the Girls’ Generation members would comeback as a whole group, even though deep down they knew that it was quite difficult for now, since each of them has their own projects.

But, lately, some of Girls’ Generation members were showing the signs that perhaps they were preparing to comeback as a whole group! In some pictures, Girls’ Generation members were using the word ‘slowly’, whether it was on their caption or their comment. Some SONE’s were assuming that they were coming back together with full membership, and they thought that the word ‘slowly’ was a sign for their single or anything like that.

Well, that’s all for the article! Channel Korea has introduced you to the Girls’ Generation members and their recent activity, what do you think about that? Don’t forget to share your thoughts through the comment section down below!