Latest News About Girls Generation Members’ Activity: Tae-yeon’s New Album, Yoona’s Reality Show Appearance, and More!


Keeping Up with The Girl Power From Girls’ Generation!

Calling all the SONE’s out there! For your information, SONE is the official name of Girls’ Generation’s fandom! For those of you who have missed Girls’ Generation, Channel Korea will give you the latest news about them, so stay tuned!

After some of the Girls’ Generation members decided to leave the group and didn’t continue their contracts with SM Entertainment, including Jessica, Tiffany, Seohyun, and Sooyoung, Girls’ Generation remained the same. Even though they were leaving, they were still connected to each other. The rest of Girls’ Generation members, such as Taeyeon, Sunny, Yuri, and Yoona still continued their career with Girls’ Generation, even though all of them were also having their own projects outside of Girls’ Generation. One of their latest projects was the sub-unit of Girls’ Generation, Oh!GG, which already released their comeback single, Lil Touch!

Through this article, Channel Korea has introduced you the girl power from Girls’ Generation and all you need about them and their recent activity!

Comeback Activity and Performance


As we’ve said previously, after a comeback as the sub-unit Oh!GG and releasing the hit single Lil Touch, Girls’ Generation members also had their own projects, whether it was an album project, drama project, or something else! Let’s find out about what they’ve each been up to!


Taeyeon SNSD

First of all, we’re going to talk about the goddess of voice from Girls’ Generation, Kim Tae-yeon, or more famously known as Taeyeon! Her ability to sing can’t be resisted, and most people already knew her magnificent voice. It’s no wonder that Taeyeon was chosen as the lead vocal in Girls’ Generation. What’s the most recent project from Taeyeon?

Taeyeon recently released a solo album with the title Four Seasons. Four Seasons was released on March 23, 2019, and was released digitally on March 24, 2019. As we can expect from the album’s name, it uses the seasons as the album’s theme and concept. Taeyeon also released the music video of Four Seasons, one of the singles from the Four Seasons’ album.

Taeyeon SNSD

An hour after its release, Four Seasons had been watched more than 271,000 times on YouTube, and while this article was being written, Four Seasons had already hit 16 million viewers on YouTube!

No wonder, Four Seasons was a much-awaited comeback from Taeyeon, since she never disappoints us with her album and her single so far! Through Four Seasons, Taeyeon presented us two new singles, Four Seasons and Blue.

Watch the official music video of Four Seasons here:

Watch Taeyeon with Four Seasons live version here:



Next, we have the black pearl, Kwon Yu-ri, more famously known as Yuri! Not only focused her career with Girls’ Generation, but Kwon Yu-ri also has her own projects, one of them was a solo album, The First Scene, that has been released in October, 2018, with the hit single Into You!

And also, recently Yuri announced her first fan meeting tour, with the title INTO YURI, that will travel to several places across Asia, including Seoul and Taipei! She shared the exciting news with her picture on her Instagram account, @yulyulk.


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1st Fanmeeting Tour “INTO YURI” in SEOUL 🖤

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Not only that, Yuri also made her new appearance through L’etudiante Et M. Henry! It was a musical drama, and Yuri was collaborating with Chae Soo-bin, Lee Soon-jae, and Shin Goo. Yuri also revealed that it was her first musical drama after a quite long time, and she was thankful that the other Girls’ Generation members were supporting her in her new project.



Tiffany Young

Next, we have Tiffany Young. It seems like a lot of people already known about her project as a solo singer! Tiffany Young recently released her new solo album, Lips on Lips, with five songs on it! Lips on Lips was released on February 22, 2019. Previously, Tiffany had already released the hit single Born Again, with its music video, before she released the full Lips On Lips album.

Lips On Lips was the first American mini-album from Tiffany Young. The album consists of five songs: Born Again, Lips On Lips, Runaway, Not Barbie, and The Flower. From the mini-album, we can see how Tiffany Young expressed herself as a female solo singer.

She also held the mini showcase to promote the Lips On Lips album, and the showcase was held several locations around America.

Watch Born Again and Lips On Lips‘ music videos here:


Watch Tiffany Young sang her hit single, Lips On Lips on live performance here:



Hyoyeon SNSD

Four our last stop, we’ll take a look at Kim Hyo-yeon, or Hyoyeon! Besides focusing on her career with Girls’ Generation, Hyoyeon has also shown us her solo projects, such as being a solo singer, being a DJ, and other activities. While she was working as a DJ, Hyoyeon was using DJ HYO as her stage name. Such a cool name, right?

Right before she came back as a member of Oh!GG, Hyoyeon released an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) single under the stage name DJ HYO. Her single was titled Sober, and was released on April 18, 2018. Some of the reasons why she chooses to be a DJ are because people mostly know her image as a good dancer, and her personality as a chill and fun person, all of which is very apparent when she works as a DJ. She’s also said that she’s just generally attracted to everything about being a DJ.

Watch the official music video of Sober here: