Is SNSD Disbanding? Here’s The Latest News and Comeback Prediction

When Will They Comeback ?

Among all the controversy about SNSD’s possible disbandment, Hyoyeon said something that might raise SONE’s hope for their comeback with eight members. In an interview for Paper Magazine, Hyoyeon said, “Girls’ Generation never disbanded, so we can always come back when the time is right.” She continued, “It could be an 11th anniversary, a 12th anniversary project. We’re currently focusing on our individual solo projects, but one day, sometime soon, we’ll definitely come back to our fans. Together.”

Tiffany also made a statement when she did an interview with Billboard while attending the American Music Awards in 2018 (AMAs). She said that SNSD might be come back with eight members soon, and surprise SONEs. Tiffany’s relationship with the other members is still fine, as we could see that Hyoyeon and Sooyoung came up as cameos in Tiffany’s single Teach You, and Tiffany made time to meet the members when Oh! GG promoted their debut.

Well, let’s hope they will always be healthy and happy pursuing their careers in their own paths. As fans, it’s true that we highly hope they will comeback as eight members, but the member’s good is what matters. Just keep on supporting them for whatever solo project the members give us!