Is SNSD Disbanding? Here’s The Latest News and Comeback Prediction


1. Taeyeon

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Looking pretty and healthy in a green sweater.

As a fellow label-mates in SM Entertainment, Taeyeon posted the photo of SHINee’s Jonghyun to commemorate the first year since his death, such a heartbreaking moment.

About Taeyeon’s concert in Manila.

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Manila ’S̶

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Celebrating Christmas with her precious dog!

What pretty Christmas decorations! With a little touch of Halloween?

2. Sunny

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Christmas chill at the coffee shop, unnie?

Happy birthday to Sunny’s cutie cat, Sogeun!

Seems like she enjoyed herself and looked happy!

Sunny, in a group photo with the cast of SBS’s program Super Model. 

Halloween version of Sunny.

3. Hyoyeon

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💥 . #hyostyle

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Swaggy Hyo unnie !

Celebrating Christmas prettily.

In an Indonesian caption, Hyoyeon unnie expressed her condolences for the victims of the tsunami disaster in Indonesia. Thank you so much, unnie !

Healthy Hyo hitting the gym.

The SNSD members are like sisters, since they had trained together at such a young age. Hyoyeon expressed her support to former SNSD member Sooyoung, for her first single release titled Winter Breath. 

4. Yuri

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Looked cute with a Christmas filter.

Eating good, life good.

Footage of Yuri’s personal vlog!

Have a great Christmas chill with some companions.

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소장 각

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Yuri & Yoona!

5. Yoona

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Even when you’re expressionless, you’re still the best, unnie!

Staring at a beautiful Chanel Christmas tree.

Another project for Visual Queen, Yoona.

Catching herself at a Pandora stand.

Yoona is being cheered by a food truck-themed ‘Yoona’ sent to her.

6. Tiffany

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☁️ EP 2.22

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Pretty T looks happy.

Preparing for the next project, unnie?


7. Sooyoung

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Pretty Unnie!

A clip of Sooyoung’s new song, Winter Breath.

Cover for Marie Claire, well that’s what the tall and pretty Sooyoung should be!

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Attending the Chanel event.

With an almost bare face (yet pretty), Sooyoung promotes her new single as the Christmas gift for SONEs.

8. Seohyun

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Cute and pretty unnie.

Celebrating Christmas with her precious dog.

A clip to promote Seohyun’s fan meeting in 2019.

Not only her precious dog, Seohyun also celebrated with Taeyeon! Love this sister-ship.

This time, Seohyun spent her time with Sooyoung, another sister-ship in SNSD!