SNSD’s Fashion Sense: Airport, Casual, and Stage Outfits

SNSD’s Fashion Rankings

1. Seo-Hyun

When deciding who out of the group has the best appearance, many people voted for Seo-Hyun. She can be a bad girl, a chic girl, or even a classy one.

2. Tiffany

Tiffany SNSD

In second place we have Tiffany, for always wearing the right dress to the right place.

3. Yoona

Yoonna SNSD

In third place is Yoona, with both her girly and boyish styles.

4. Soo-Young


Then there is Soo-Young, who is never late to the new fashions and is always up-to-date with a new fashion trend.

5. Yuri

yuri SNSD

Next, in fifth place we have Yuri, who shows that casual can still look very sexy.

6. Tae-yeon


Tae-Yeon is in sixth place because sometimes she wears dresses at the wrong place and the wrong time.

7. Sunny


Seventh place is given to Sunny for her as-it-is style.

8. Hyo-Yeon


Finally, in last place is Hyo-Yeon, because sometimes she has a unique style that some people say doesn’t match.