SNSD’s Diet Plan, Exercise, and Leg Workouts

Let’s Find Out SNSD Member Yuri’s Diet Plan


Yuri is known as one of the slimmest one among SNSD members. What is her actual diet? It was known that SNSD’s Yuri only had 1,200 calories each day. Although she ate about 4 to 5 times a day, she only ate healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits. Just like Tiffany, Yuri drank a lot of water to keep her body shape. Whenever she was hungry, she usually drank a big glass of water to fill up her stomach instead of eating foods. Here is menu suggestion from Yuri diet plan that you can try!

No. Meal Menu
1. Breakfast A glass of milk, banana, or other fruits
2. Lunch Vegetables and a bottle of water
3. Dinner A cup of rice and vegetables
4. Snack Anything healthy and no junk food

Yuri also maintained her body shape by doing exercise regularly. Here is a clip of Yuri’s exercise. Check it out!

How is SNSD Member Taeyeon’s Diet Plan?

snsd taeyeon

Taeyeon is always known to have a baby face, since SNSD debuted. But there is something that changed from year to year. Taeyeon, who used to have chubbier cheeks and a chubbier face, now looks skinnier with a V line face. Everyone is curious about her diet plan. But it was somehow revealed that Taeyeon herself didn’t go on a tight diet. Instead, she had a very tight schedule, both with SNSD and solo. Being busy and maintaining her meal portion helped her to gain a perfect V line face and body shape.

4 Tips from SNSD on Diet and Exercise

Each and every one of SNSD’s members has their own diet menu and exercise that most suits them. But here are 5 tips from SNSD’s diet plan that you can learn in order to get an SNSD like body shape.

1. The right amount of food

As was mentioned above, SNSD members calculate the calories that their body needs and control their meal portions according to that. SNSD’s Jessica was known to eat only half of an egg instead of the whole egg to keep her calories in control.

2. It is okay to eat 3 meals a day or more

SNSD members maintain their body shape as well as their health. Eating three times a day or more is just fine for them. But they usually have small meals and not big ones, they also ate healthy foods, such as fruits and veggies.

3. Exercise

Not only controlling their meal portions, exercise is indeed needed. SNSD members practiced dance a lot, and it became their way of exercising their bodies. Not only that, some members, Yuri ad Hyoyeon went to workout outside of dance practice. Tiffany who hated exercising also went to yoga class to maintain her body in shape.

5. Drink a lot of Water

Tiffany and Yuri always mention that they drank 1.5 liter of water each day to reduce fat in their bodies. Yuri even drank water when she was hungry instead of eating food.

Let’s Find Out SNSD’s Leg Workout

One part of SNSD members’ bodies that everyone envies is their legs. And of course, there is a special leg workout behind those perfect legs. In an episode of SBS’s “Good Morning”, Kim Ji-hoon revealed the leg workout that shaped SNSD’s Tiffany’s legs. It is called 5:3:3 exercise. “The 5:3:2 ratio makes legs most beautiful. Girls’ Generation Tiffany maintains her legs with this exercise”, she revealed. The workout is consists of 4 minutes of boxing step, 3 minutes of squats, 2 minutes of knee-ups, and lastly 1 minute of slow walking.

SNSD Members with the Most Beautiful Legs

Many fans voted in order to choose the SNSD members with the most beautiful legs. The rank turned out to be:

Rank SNSD Member
1 Sooyoung
2 Sunny
3 Jessica
4 Yoona
5 Seohyun

But the rank somehow changes each time they have a comeback or perform, but as for now, who do you think has the most beautiful legs?