SNSD’s Diet Plan, Exercise, and Leg Workouts


How to Get SNSD’s Perfect Body Shape?

K-pop idols, especially girls idol are known to have the perfect body shape. SNSD or Girls’ Generation is one of them. With their famous song Gee, which was released in 2009, they have became the model for others that shows what Korean girl group look like. Coming up with the concept of shirts and tight colorful jeans, SNSD members show up their perfect body shape that every girl in Korea wishes to have. But of course, there are some diet plan, exercises, and leg workout that they do. To know more, stay tuned!

Let’s Try SNSD’s Diet Menu

snsd diet menu

The most important thing in a diet plan is of course the diet menu. Everyone has their very own diet menu that works for them. It also depends on how many calories they need to reduce. As for SNSD, here is their diet menu.

SNSD members diet menu ranges from about 1300 to 1500 calories to get their perfect body shape. The main diet menu of SNSD members is veggie side dishes (50 grams) brown rice (150 grams), 5 pieces of broccoli, and also chicken (100 gram). The detail are as follows:

SNSD Breakfast Diet Menu

No. Menu Calories
1. Rice 25 calories
2. Grilled Chicken 120 calories
3. 5 Broccoli 9 calories
4. Seasonal Vegetables 25 calories

SNSD Lunch Diet Menu

No. Menu Calories
1. Rice 205 calories
2. Grilled Chicken 120 calories
3. Cabbage 22 calories
4. Paprika (Capsicum Salad) and Dressing 77 calories
5. Almonds

SNSD Dinner Diet Menu

No. Menu Calories
1. Sweet Potaoes 180 calories
2. Eggs 80 calories in 1 egg
3. Cabbage 22 calories
4. Paprika Salad and Dressing 77 calories

For those of you who want to try SNSD’s diet menu, you can also add things or take things out the menu according to your caloric needs.

SNSD’s Diet 800 Calories

Previously, it was revealed above that SNSD have a 1300 to 1500 calorie diet menu. It was already a tough diet plan. But, in 2009, years before, during SNSD’s “Gee” era, SNSD members revealed their very tight diet. They mentioned that they only had 800 calories in a day.

On December 17, 2009, SNSD came to MBC VJ Special and revealed their diet meal plan. They revelaed that they only had 200 calories of food for their breakfast, 300 calories for lunch, and 300 calories for their dinner. With vegetables and fruits within those calories, they succeed in getting their perfect body shape. Usually SNSD members had 3 main foods, lettuce, pumpkins, and cherry tomatoes. With their tight training and schedule, they only had cucumbers for their snacks instead of having chips or chocolate.

SNSD Member Tiffany’s Successful Diet Plan

tiffany snsd

SNSD Tiffany’s body has gained so much attention. She used to be the one who still looked chubby when SNSD debuted in 2007, but she showed how she was able to change into a perfect Tiffany. Tiffany was asked several times about diet tips. She mentioned that she started her diet when she was 20 years old. She didn’t eat anything after 8 PM. Tiffany said that drinking 1.5 liters of water everyday helped her a lot in reducing fat. She also didn’t have any snacks at all.

Not only that, Tiffany controlled her weight by eating only light meals but still 3 times a day, regularly. But she measured the calories and adjusted them. Tiffany’s special diet tip is by eating small portion of breakfast, normal portion of lunch, and small dinner according to her caloric need.

But during the “I Got a Boy” era, in an interview, Tiffany seemed to have stopped her tight diet. Having a tight schedule as well as practicing and performing for powerful choreography (I Got a Boy), she lost weight even without trying hard.