SNSD’s Debut: Date, Songs, Albums, Stage Performances, and Pre-Debut


South Korean Girl Group, SNSD

Who doesn’t know of South Korea’s most influential girl group, SNSD? SNSD (or, Girls’ Generation) has had a very big influence in the K-pop industry. They have contributed a lot to the increasing popularity of K-pop songs and dances worldwide. The girl group debuted in 2007 under S.M. Entertainment with nine members, including Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yoona, Sunny, Seohyun, Sooyoung, Yuri, Hyoyeon, and Jessica. They are widely known for their famous song “Gee,” but there is still so much more to know about SNSD/Girls’ Generation, especially concerning their debut. Here we will reveal all the information you need to know about SNSD’s debut, so stay tuned!

SNSD’s Formation and Pre-Debut


After debuting the boy group Super Junior in 2005, S.M. Entertainment then began considering debuting a girl version of Super Junior. The selection and formation started, and the line-up was formed and revised again and again, until finally the first line-up consisted of 11 members, including current SNSD members Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, and ex-SNSD member Jessica Jung.

Ex-SNSD member, Jessica Jung was scouted by S.M. Entertainment in 2000 along with her sister after being seen by the S.M. team in a mall while they were enjoying a family holiday. Hyoyeon and Sooyoung were cast through an S.M. Entertainment open audition in 2000. SNSD’s Yuri was then recruited a year later, after she took second place in the S.M. Youth Best Dancer Competition. Like the other members, SNSD’s Yoona was also cast through an audition: S.M.’s Saturday Open Casting Audition in 2002.

After the first line-up was formed, SM Entertainment then decided to change the formation and replaced two members with Taeyeon and Tiffany, who had been trained for two years. The leader, Taeyeon, won first place in the S.M. Youth Singing Competition in 2004 and was then directly recruited as a trainee, while Tiffany was cast from S.M. Starlight Casting System in Los Angeles the same year. Not only were Taeyeon and Tiffany added, but Seohyun was also scouted in a subway and joined the S.M. auditions in 2003.

After the new line-up was finally formed, some members decided to quit, and new members were also added. Sunny then became the last member to join SNSD after being trained for five years.

When Did SNSD Debut?


After the SNSD members faced many changes and went through the tough training, S.M. Entertainment finally settled on the final line-up, consisting of nine members: Taeyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Jessica, Yoona, and Seohyun. SNSD then officially debuted on August 5, 2007.

SNSD’s Debut Song

SNSD (also known as Girls’ Generation) gained a lot of their popularity through their hit song Gee in 2009. As Gee was the most popular song, many people thought that it was the group’s debut song, but SNSD officially debuted with the song Into the New World on August 3, 2007. Into the New World is a very special song because it was produced directly by the CEO and founder of S.M. Entertainment, Lee Soo Man. The song reached number one on the music chart Mnet Countdown. Let’s listen to SNSD’s debut song, Into the New World.

Where Was SNSD’s Debut Stage Performance?


After the song Into the New World was finished and released, all the members of SNSD then became busy preparing to perform their very first stage performance. For all idols, their first concert is the one that they will remember throughout their whole lives. SNSD had their official performance debut on the music show, SBS Inkigayo.

SNSD’s Most Memorable Debut Performance

At SBS Inkigayo, SNSD had their very first live show which marked their performing debut. Wearing all white outfits and short skirts, they came out with bright smiles and meticulous dance steps. After their debut performance, they started to gain a lot of attention from all eyes. Performing Into the New World was the beginning of SNSD’s long career. Let’s watch SNSD’s debut performance below.

SNSD Debut Album, Girls Generation

SNSD/Girls’ Generation’s first debut album was named after their group title, Girls’ Generation. The album was released by S.M. Entertainment on November 1, 2007 and was a big success, selling 49,438 copies. Girls Generation became the second best-selling album after Super Junior’s Don’t Don. The debut song Into the New World was included as one of the album’s tracks along with 10 other songs. Check out the complete track list of the album below!

No. Track Title Length Lyrics Music Arrangement
1. “Girls’ Generation” 3:50 Lee Seung Cheol Song Jae Jun Kenzie
2. “Ooh La-La!” 3:54 Yoon Hyo Sang Steve Lee An Ik Soo
3. “Baby Baby” 3:11 Hwang Seong Je Hwang Seong Je Hwang Seong Je
4. “Complete” 3:56 Ingrid Skretting , Jan Lysdahl, and Cho Yun Kyung Ingrid Skretting and Jan Lysdahl Hong Seok
5. “Kissing You” 3:18 LeeOn, Kwon Yoon Jung LeeOn LeeOn
6. “Merry Go Round” 3:14 Kim Jeong Bae Kenzie Kenzie
7. “Tears” 3:52 Kim Seok Hyun Park Ki Wan Park Ki Wan
8. “Tinkerbell” 2:56 Cho Yoon Kyung Ingrid Skretting Kenzie
9. “7989” (Kangta ft. Taeyeon) 3:31 Kangta Kangta Kangta
10. “Honey” 3:15 Ingrid Skretting and Kwon Yoon Jung Ingrid Skretting Kenzie
11. “Into the New World” 4:25 Kim Jeong Bae Kenzie Kenzie