The Infamous SNSD Black Ocean at Dream Concert- What Actually Happened?

SNSD and Their Journey

Do you remember the black ocean of SNSD at the Dream Concert in 2008? Arguably, it was the darkest day in history for K-pop. If we googled it, we would get many pieces of information from the anti-fans, and it was the thing that gave us wrong perception.

Do You Know What Dream Concert Is?

For you who don’t know yet what Dream Concert is, it’s an annual event which is held in the Seoul World Cup Stadium. It is more like the world cup of K-pop fan clubs than a concert, because many fandoms attend the venue it makes this concert very majestic and is why it become one of the biggest K-pop concerts. But, the 2008 Dream Concert was a nightmare for SNSD.

What Actually Happened to SNSD at Dream Concert 2008?

In 2008, SNSD a.k.a Girls’ Generation was still a rookie girl band in Korea. At that time, SNSD was underestimated by many people in Korea. Even, the appearance of SNSD wasn’t considered at the beginning of their debut.

The Dream Concert was held on June 7, 2008. There were so many stars who performed at the event, like Super Junior, DBSK, Wonder Girls and so on. Including SNSD who got a 10-minutes “black ocean” at that time.

FYI, “Black Ocean” is a tragedy where all fandom light sticks are intentionally turned off in order to protest/dislike.

The black ocean was done by all fandoms except Sone (SNSD fans). In an instant, they turned off their lightsticks and made the whole stadium dark, even though there were some Sone members who firmly kept turning on their lightsticks.

All fandoms were in silent. But, when SNSD performed the song Girls’ Generation, there were some fandoms who shouted for “Wonder Girls”, not “So Nyeo Shi Dae”. There were even some people who shouted “Plastic Generation”. Taeyeon and Jessica who sang the most parts of the song were trying hard to hold back tears, while Tiffany, Sunny and Yoona had teary eyes, but still tried to smile.

Here are the Reasons Why the “Black Ocean” Occurred

It was said, before the concert took place, there were some fandoms (whose artists performed at Dream Concert) who made a plan to boycott SNSD because of the closeness between SNSD and the fandom’s idols. Additionally, tension between Sone (SNSD fans) and ELF (Super Junior fans) already occurred at that time, because they fought for the best seats at the stadium.

On the other hand, ELF said the reason why the black ocean happened was because Sone tore the banner of ELF. There were also accusations of a beating, stabbing, rape, some even say there was an ELF who tried to commit suicide because of the issue problem.  It does not make sense, right? Let’s take a look at some of the accusations.

  1. Sone tore the banner of ELF

The Dream Concert committee has already said that the banner was moved by the committee, and that there was no torn banner. It was moved in order to help other audience members who didn’t get a seat.

2. Sone did a beating and stabbing to ELF and Cassiopeia

If that action occurred, why didn’t the committee and the security intervene in that action, wouldn’t it be strange for them to not? And if that action really occurred, wouldn’t there not be a headline in the television media or other any other media. Somehow in this case, there was no news at all about it?

3. Sone raped members of ELF and Cassiopeia

This allegation really made no sense at all, could multiple rapes happen to people in a large stadium with a capacity of 44 thousand spectators? Moreover, Sone was still a rookie fandom that only had a few members while ELF and Cassiopeia were two of the biggest fandom in Korea and had tens of thousands members. It seems impossible for Sone to have done that.

Shortly after these allegations, stated above, one of the two fandoms incited others to participate in the black ocean and silent protest of SNSD.

But, the most reasonable reason why they started the black ocean was because there were many people who disliked the closeness between SNSD and the idol whose fandom did the black ocean. For instance, SNSD had been involved in a CF (Commercial Footage) of Haptic Samsung Annycal with DBSK which made Cassiopeia upset. Then, started the competition between SNSD and Wonder Girls.

Hiatus After The “Black Ocean”, Then Become A Queen

After a hiatus for couples month following the black ocean incident, SNSD was shining again after they released their debut extended play (EP) Gee which had sold over 100,000 copies in South Korea and got them get many awards.

11 years has passed since their debut, SNSD has become the queen of the K-pop 2nd generation. This SM Entertainment artist has become the one and only girl group who has lasted for 11 years, even though they only have 5 members left.