All About SNSD’s 10th Anniversary (Date, Albums, Concerts, and Fan Meet Ups)


The leader, Taeyeon, gave a her own heartwarming metaphor for the group by saying, “SNSD is like a country for me. I originate from SNSD, I came from SNSD, and people end up going back to their homes and their countries. I hope we remain with that feeling for each other”. In a similar notion, Sunny states, “10 years is not a short period of time, so there were times when we held strong and withstood and because we enjoyed it, we were able to come to this point now.” The multi-talented member Sooyoung shared her feelings toward her groupmates: “There was an era when I thought, ‘I’m doing well alone,’ but when I thought there are people who are in the same [difficult] situation as me, feeling the same emotions as me, walking the same path as me, here are seven more people with the same identity as me, it became really bearable [to go on].

Yuri, the lead dancer who earned the nickname “Black Pearl,” spoke about her heartfelt outlook toward the group. She said, “Because of the emotions, our current motto of ‘Right now, it’s Girls’ Generation, going forward, it’s Girls’ Generation, and forever, it’s Girls’ Generation’ was created. It is very meaningful that we spent a generation together, and the meaning of spending a generation together, going forward and forever, that sentiment remains in my memories and it will remain there in the future”. On the other hand, the main dancer Hyoyeon recounted a moment with the group by saying, “I remember it well. When we first rehearsed, we practiced so much to the point, ‘Is it okay if we practice this much?’ So overall, the members were confident. The day we finally showed everyone [the day of their debut], we wondered, what kind of reactions will people have? When we rehearsed, we were overflowing with strength, at least two times more compared to those who practice and performed confidently. We overdid it a bit”. Lastly, the youngest member, Seohyun, gave a long, yet emotional statement about her feelings toward the group: “Time of 10 years, in some regards, feels long but now that I am thinking about it, it does not seem that long. However, we have changed a lot in every aspect from a 10 years ago to the current time. During the past 10 years, we gave and received a lot of influence to one another and knowingly and unknowingly, there were many aspects where we came to resemble one another. We grew a lot. For 10 years. We went through a lot and had a lot of experiences. Very precious experiences. I am glad I was born. I am glad I was born as SNSD. I had thoughts like that.

Besides the songs that SNSD performed at the fan meeting, Holiday Night also contains seven other tracks: Girls Are Back, Fan, Only One, Sweet Talk, Love Is Bitter, It’s You, and Light Up The Sky. Here you can listen to the fourth track of Holiday Night, titled “Fan,” which is written, composed, and arranged by Kenzie!

SNSD’s 10th Anniversary Concert

Unlike their fifth full album Lion Heart, which was followed up with a concert tour ‘Girls’ Generation 4th Tour: Phantasia’ and held from the end of 2015 to the middle of 2016, SNSD did not have any concert tour to follow-up Holiday Night, their sixth full album, in 2017. Instead, SNSD surprised the public by the news that three members would be departing from their home agency, SM Entertainment. These members were Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Seohyun. Still, this does not mean that SNSD has disbanded. Even after the exit of these three members from their former agency, all of the members keep emphasizing that SNSD is a girl group of eight members, so it’s likely that the group may return in the future to release another album. We hope that this time will come as soon as possible, don’t we, dear readers?