All About SNSD’s 10th Anniversary (Date, Albums, Concerts, and Fan Meet Ups)


SNSD’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

Often, one of the happiest moments in a person’s life is when they celebrate the anniversary of an event or aspect of their lives that they have cherished for a long time. The same goes for the global girl group SNSD, who recently celebrated their 10th anniversary as a group since debuting back in 2007. A group of nine members, SNSD is still going strong even though they do not work as a group as frequently due to the fact that most of the members have their personal schedules arranged, such as releasing solo albums, guest-starring on variety shows, and acting in dramas and movies. Despite this, all eight members haven’t forgotten their roots as SNSD members, and continue to protect the name of SNSD in their hearts. Thus, in this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about SNSD’s activities during the celebration of their ten year anniversary, such as fan meetings, album releases, and concerts. So keep reading!

SNSD 10th Anniversary Fan Meeting


SNSD celebrated the tenth anniversary of their debut on August 5, 2017 by holding a fan meeting titled “10th Anniversary Holiday To Remember.” The event consisted of a live performance of SNSD’s newest songs from their recent album, Holiday Night, including the songs Holiday, All Night, and One Last Time. They also performed some of their hit songs, such as Kissing You, Girls’ Generation, Party, Tell Me Your Wish (Genie), and the ballad version of Genie. Moreover, the Holiday To Remember fan meeting also included other event sections hosted by the members, such as polls, quizes, Q&As, a cake cutting ceremony, and a fan event.

During the talk segment with the fans, SNSD members revealed their thoughts on several things that happened from the past ten years. Firstly, Taeyeon and Sunny chose their victory on YouTube Music Awards with the music video for I Got A Boy as the most satisfying result they ever had because it was an opportunity to make the group known globally, and proof that they were loved by fans both in Korea and overseas. Secondly, the members unanimously agreed that their most memorable moment as a member of SNSD was the day of their debut, because they had waited for it the most.


Regarding the difficulties that they have to face as SNSD, the members had various examples. Sooyoung stated that a solo concert in a large venue like Tokyo Dome can be a burden since they have to fill the big space in such a perfect performance, while Taeyeon believes that the hardest thing they’ve had to do in the past ten years is choosing a title song because it needs to show something new to both the fans and the public. Even so, both Sooyoung and Taeyeon concluded their statement by saying that they were able to solve such troubles thanks to the love and appreciation of the fans and public.

While being asked about the secret to SNSD’s bond for ten years, Yoona summed it up by starting that understanding, consideration, and conceding to each other were crucial to the longevity of the group, as this allowed the members to communicate and appropriately acknowledge each other. Moreover, all SNSD members are conscious and take pride in the name of the group. As a result, even though the members often have individual projects and activities, they hold the name of SNSD dearly in their hearts because they want to protect and maintain the group. Lastly, near the end of the fan meeting interview, the members shared their feelings about their tenth anniversary and comeback by saying that they were thankful, and hoped that the fans would enjoy the celebration with them.

SNSD 10th Anniversary Album


SNSD returned to promote as a group by releasing their sixth full album (ninth overall) titled Holiday Night. The album was recorded over seven months (November 2016 – May 2017) and was released on August 4, 2017. The album was released to celebrate SNSD’s 10th anniversary with their fans, nicknamed Sones (pronounced “Sowons”). In addition, two of the album’s title tracks, All Night and Holiday, as well as another song called One Last Time, were performed by the group whilst meeting their fans. When asked about the preparation of recording this album, Yoona and Tiffany stated that Holiday Night feels like SNSD’s first album, as the songs contained in the album will make the listeners feel as though the group has been unchanged.

Just like its primary intention, SNSD released Holiday Night to commemorate a decade since their debut, hence releasing two versions of the All Night music video. The first one is the clean version, which is just like a typical music video. On the other hand, the second one is a documentary version, in which all the members did a personal interview about the meaning of SNSD in their lives. These clips are inserted between bits of the music video. The first member to share her thoughts is the face of the group, Yoona, who says, “People around us are very envious. There are several people like that. What should I say about SNSD? The era of youth? They are people whom I was together with ever since we were young and most beautiful, and it is time we spent together. Perhaps it is the time when I was the happiest?” Then, Tiffany (the lead vocalist of the group) gave her personal insight about the group, “SNSD itself is a comfort for me. SNSD’s message was, ‘If you have strength, everyone will turn out okay,’ and I saw members who said that message. It was comforting and I was able to come to this point.