NCT’s Winwin Being Mistreated by SM? Find Out the Details, Here!

Ten x Winwin Dancing Collaboration

Enough about stuff that makes NCT fans angry, let’s move along to Winwin and Ten’s epic dance collaboration!

On April 8th, 2019, a choreography video was released on the official WayV YouTube channel by Winwin and Ten. In the video, Winwin and Ten dance an original choreography made for Billie Eilish and Khalid’s song “Lovely.”

Ten is all-white in the clip while WinWin is all-black. The two symbolize yin and yang, life and death, respectively. Not only in the colors they wore but where they stood, this can be seen. Ten stands in front of a tree complete of leaves while a tree without leaves stands in front of WinWin.

They’re in an ideal balance throughout the dance. Some sections have them playing the same measures, but at some stages, we can see that they are trying to overpower each other. Ultimately, both of them stop overpowering each other and agree they’re an end to each other.

Fans, of course, really love this dance collaboration!


NCT and WayV fans can not get over the fascinating contemporary dance performance video by Ten and Winwin. Ten and Winwin personally planned the story, chose the song, choreographed, planned the concept, set-up and outfits of the video as part of their Rainbow V Season 1 project, and the result was a truly amazing performance video. It’s no wonder that Khalid, who with Billie Eilish sang “Lovely,” also believes so.

One fan gave Khalid this video on Twitter and that’s how he replied to the tweet:

They “murdered” it, indeed.

That was all the information we could gather for you about Winwin’s treatment by SM. Please, don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!