NCT’s Winwin Being Mistreated by SM? Find Out the Details, Here!

SM Staff Tells NCT’s Renjun To STOP Talking About Winwin

Yet again, NCT fans are furious with SM for the way they are treating Winwin.

On July 20th, 2019, NCT Dream members Renjun, Jisung, and Chenle held a V Live broadcast. The three of them talked about Winwin in the broadcast, who is now busy with his activities with WayV in China. This is where fans hear the voice of a female staff whispering. The staff allegedly instructed Renjun that the 2000-born idol not discuss Winwin in their V Live broadcast.

And seeing from the members’ expressions, they don’t seem happy with the instructions. The reason is that although not under the same unit as Winwin, Renjun and Chenle are quite close to him considering they are both from China.

“Winwin really shouldn’t be treated like this. All Chinese idols should be treated better by SM,” commented fans. “Until when does SM want to pretend that Winwin doesn’t exist?” other fans said.

“This is really annoying. As far as I know, there are no other groups whose members are prohibited from talking about the members of their own group,” said a fan. “At this point, I won’t be surprised if Winwin leaves the agency if he continues to be treated like this,” added another.

This is a low blow, even for SM’s standards, don’t you think?

SM’s Unfair Treatment of Foreign Artists

What happens to Winwin is actually not something new when we’re talking about SM. Their reputation is not good with how they handle their foreign artists over the past few years.

As one of the major entertainment companies in Korea, SM has dealt with lawsuits from their artists more than any other company. Remember Hangeng from Super Junior who filed a lawsuit against SM back in 2009? And in 2014, Kris Wu also sued his agency, followed by Lu Han in the same year, also Tao in 2017. All three of them are former EXO members, and all of them, including Hangeng, are Chinese. See the pattern?

Foreign idols are paid less than idols from Korea, which is even worse. The only foreign artist they were pushing was Lu Han, but out of his profit, SM literally gave him peanuts. They didn’t care about his health and he was always overworked. Lu Han was famous all over the world. Since the beginning, he was intended to make it big and clearly left considering how SM treated their most famous star poorly.

On the other side, Kris’ treatment was worse than that. Since he was not one of the employees they wished to push, SM dismissed CF deals and film offers for him without his consent. It’s awful, how can you dismiss incoming offers?

And there’s also Tao who had to perform with a wounded ankle.

Hangeng shared his heartbreaking story regarding the reason he filed a lawsuit against his company. He said, “Even after debuting, I couldn’t stand on stage. I was Korea’s first foreign celebrity to debut so the law wasn’t ideal. I was unable to film commercials and was unable to take part in some parts of the timetable. It feels as though I had lost all hope.  I was crying with the Super Junior representatives to perform “Twins.” I got my first year’s deposit of 4000 yuan (~$650 USD).”

I collected cash like life or death because it made my heart ache when I saw my mom suffering. Although I started in 2005, when Super Junior-M’ started in China, I became a rookie again in 2008. I was relaxed in China, but at the same moment, I was weary of not being able to talk Chinese with the Korean employees I was doing activities. My head was hurting for them.”

Hangeng concluded, “I wanted to be an actor, but they didn’t give me any performing gigs as they gave them to the other members. I didn’t even get any ads. I proceeded to collect those dissatisfactions until they became a bomb. I took all my bank accounts, hospital documents and more and secretly went to a law company to file a complaint against the company.”

That doesn’t mean Winwin will also file a lawsuit against SM anytime soon. Let’s just hope they have a more successful career in China!