Skarf’s Sol’s Full Profile and Fun Facts

SKarf's Sol

Everything You Should Know About SKarf’s Former Member And Main Vocalist; Jung Sol!

South Korean girl group, SKarf (hangul: 스카프) that made their debut on August 16, 2012 under Alpha Entertainment Korea has 5 original members line-up with Sol, Ferlyn, Tasha and Jenny. A few months after their debut, one of their members, Sol, decided to leave the group and the 2 additional members, Joo A and Hana debuted as the member of Skarf. For your information, SKarf has also become the 1st girlgroup from South Korean that has Singaporean members.

In this article, there’s a detail information about a member of SKarf, who decided to be the first member who left the group without any reason. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about SKarf’s Sol starting from her full profile until fun facts in this article below!

SKarf’s Sol’s Full Profile

SKarf's Sol

Real Name : Jung Sol (hangul: 정솔)

Stage Name : Sol (hangul: 솔)

Birth : May 12, 1991

Star Sign : Taurus

Height : 167 cm (5’6″)

Blood Type : AB

Position Of The Group : Main Vocalist

Nationality : Korean

Official Site : Instagram ( @sweetie_solsol )

SKarf’s Sol’s Fun Facts

SKarf's Sol
  1. SKarf’s Sol is the original member of the group
  2. SKarf’s Sol left the group to become an theater actress
  3. SKarf’s Sol didn’t have any social media

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