SKarf’s Joo A’s Full Profile and Fun Facts

SKarf's Joo A

Everything You Need To Know About SKarf’s Main Vocalist; Park Joo-A!

SKarf’s (hangul: 스카프) is a South Korean girlgroup that debuted under Alpha Entertainment Korea on August 16, 2012. For your information, SKarf is the first girl group where the members come from various countries, such as Korean, Singaporean and Japanese. SKarf also has 4 original line-up members with Sol, Ferlyn, Tasha and Jenny and 2 addition members with Joo A and Hana after Sol decided to left in December 2012.

In this article, we will get to know one of SKarf’s members more closely. Are you familiar with SKarf’s Joo A? If not, let’s find out more about SKarf’s Main Vocalist, Park Joo A, starting from her full profile, fun facts until her activities after the group disbanded in this article below!

SKarf’s Joo A’s Full Profile

SKarf's JooA

Real Name : Park Joo A (hangul: 박주아)

Stage Name : Joo A (hangul: 주아)

Birth : January 28, 1990

Star Sign : Aquarius

Height : 161 cm (5’3″)

Blood Type : B

Position of the group : Main Vocalist

Nationality : Korean

SKarf’s Joo A’s Fun Facts

SKarf's Joo A
  1. SKarf’s Joo A was added to the group in late 2012 to replace Sol
  2. SKarf’s Joo A left the group before their official disbandment
  3. SKarf’s Joo A began a career in Musical Theater
  4. SKarf’s Joo A’s a word to her future boyfriend, “Wait! Hahaha”
  5. SKarf’s Joo A wants to get closer with Uhm Jung-hwa
  6. SKarf’s Joo A’s words to her fans, “Because we will continue to work hard for SKarf. Please love me a lot!”
  7. SKarf’s Joo A had one memorable fan named Dasom because she is the person who gave her the first fan letter
  8. SKarf’s Joo A’s hobby is singing
  9. SKarf’s Joo A’s hideout is walking
  10. SKarf’s Joo A choose her family as her number one treasure
  11. SKarf’s Joo A said that she looks like Korean rocker, Kim Kyung-ho

SKarf’s Joo A’s Activity After Disbandment

SKarf's Joo A

Until this article was published, there wasn’t any updates about SKarf’s Joo A about her work in the entertainment industry. After SKarf’s disbanded, there is no news from Joo A, maybe it can be assumed that SKarf’s Joo A is currently living her life as a non-celebrity, Beside that, she doesn’t have any social media to keep updated with her recent work, so noone really knows about her condition after SKarf disbanded.

Even so, let’s hope for the best for SKarf’s Joo A, may whatever she is doing right now still give her happiness and hope that she will be returned to the entertainment industry as soon as possible!

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