SKarf’s Hana’s Full Profile and Fun Facts

SKarf's Hana

Everything You Should Know About SKarf’s Japanese Member And Vocalist; Ogawa Mizuki a.k.a Hana!

Maybe some of you are not familiar with the girl group under Alpha Entertainment Korea, SKarf (hangul: 스카프) that debuted on August 16, 2012. This girlgroup has released a song titled “Luv Sick” and is the first Korean girl group with Singaporean and Japanese members. Skarf has 4 original members line-up with Sol, Ferlyn, Tasha and Jenny.

The agency decided to add 2 more members with Joo A and Hana as the previous member decided to left the group. In this article, there’s a detail information about a member of SKarf, which is Ogawa Mizuki or also known with her stage name as Hana. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about SKarf’s Hana from her full profile, fun fact, appearance on JTBC’s ‘MixNine’ and re-debut as Secret Number’s member in this article below!

SKarf’s Hana’s Full Profile

SKarf's Hana

Real Name : Ogawa Mizuki (小川美月)

Stage Name : Hana (hangul: 하나)

Birth : Tokyo, Japan, August 12, 1995

Star Sign : Leo

Height : 170 cm (5’7″)

Blood Type : B

Position Of The Group : Vocalist

Nationality : Japanese

SKarf’s Hana’s Fun Facts

SKarf's Hana
  1. SKarf’s Hana was added to the group in late 2012 to replace Sol
  2. SKarf’s Hana is a Japanese member
  3. SKarf’s Hana appeared on MIXNINE in 2017 where she ranked 109th
  4. SKarf’s Hana re-debuted under the stage name Léain SECRET NUMBER in 2020
  5. SKarf’s Hana also appeared on Mnet Japan’s “Jjang” in 2014
  6. SKarf’s Hana left Alpha Entertainment in 2015
  7. SKarf’s Hana was also under CJ E&M Music since 2015-2016
  8. SKarf’s Hana wanted to travel with SKarf’s JooA, but she didn’t have the chance
  9. SKarf’s Hana appeared in the movie “School Days with a Pig”
  10. SKarf’s Hana are friends with Weki Meki’s Suyeon, they were in the same trainee team in 2016

SKarf’s Hana’s Appearance In ‘MixNine’

SKarf's Hana

After leaving the girl group SKarf, she participated as an individual trainee in ‘MixNine’, a survival audition program produced by YG Entertainment. She didn’t appear much in this program because she ended on the 109th position. In fact, it is very unfortunate that SKarf’s Hana only lasted until the first eliminary round and could not continue her journey through this survival show.

SKarf's Hana

During the 1st showcase, Skarf’s Hana who used her real name as Ogawa Mizuki was in the Grade C and was in the 77th place. The ratings went up in the next episode at 48th place in Episode 4 (Online) and 71th place during Post Showcase.

In Episode 5, Ogawa Mizuki dropped to 49th place (Online) and back up in Episode 7 (Online) by getting 47th place and his journey ended in episode in Co-Ed Ranking by getting last position at 109th place.

During her introduction clip, Ogawa Mizuki who is Japanese at that time can already speak Korean very well as you can see in this clip. She introduced herself and also her date of birth, as well as a few other things like her charm and 5 things about herself.

Not only that, he also teamed up with several contestants who came as trainees without any agency and danced 9Muses‘ “Hurt Locker” and sang live in the middle of the studio to audition for ‘MixNine’ with a stunning performance.

Not just one performance, but Ogawa Mizuki also performed another performance while bringing in Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” with the same team. These three contestants performed their best in dancing and singing live in their audition performance.

SKarf's Hana

In Episodes 5-6 with the Position Battle theme, Ogawa Mizuki was in the Dance Girl Team with other contestants, such as Kim Hyun-jin, Yang Hye-seon, Lee Ha-young, Choi Ha-young, Han Byul, Jung Ye-eun, Jang Eun-seong, Lee Bom, Yoo Ha-jung, Park Ji-woo, Park Eun-jo and Sekioka Rena. The team is called HotSpot and performs with Starships by Nicki Minaj.

As you can see from the focus fancam above, the contestants who are in the same team as Ogawa Mizuki look very cheerful and they wear the same outfit as the cheerleaders. Likewise with former member of SKarf, Ogawa Mizuki who was very excited when she made her first performance on the ‘MixNine’ stage.

SKarf's HanA

Even though her journey must end quickly in a survival show that aired in 2017-2018, let’s still give appreciation to SKarf’s Hana who at that time came as a contestant from Japan without a title as a trainee from any agency in South Korea. She has given her best performance on ‘MixNine’ and is trying hard to be able to debut again soon.

What do you think about Skarf’s Hana or Ogawa Mizuki’s appearance as contestant of ‘MixNine’?

SKarf’s Hana Re-debut With Secret Number

SKarf's Hana

The K-Pop entertainment industry is actually nothing new for Secret Number’s Lea. A few years ago she had debuted in the industry with a group called SKarf. She debuted as an idol in 2013, a few months after SKarf debuted and some of the members were left.

She was formerly known as Hana for her stage name. Unfortunately SKarf’s career did not go smoothly, until at the end of 2014 they were declared disbanded by the agency. After being known as SKarf’s Hana, she tries his luck again in the entertainment world. She entered the ‘MixNine’ in 2017, and unfortunately had to fail before entering the Top 100.

SKarf's Hana

When she became a contestant on ‘MixNine’, she used the name Mizuki, which was taken from her real name, Ogawa Mizuki. Even though she failed many times, Lea still didn’t give up in pursuing her dream. She remembers that struggle as one of grateful memories and she also remembers Ariana Grande, because the song by the Western singer became an encouragement to her.

In February 2020, Lea was announced as the last member to complete the Secret Number formation. The decision proved successful with the solidity of these five great talents, which consist with 5 original members line-up with Dita, Denise, Jinny, Soodam and Hana who have changed their current identity with the new stage name as Lea. Secret Number also achieved success through their debut single, “Who Dis”.

SKarf's Hana

Lea is even called suitable to be a leader, apart from being the oldest member, she also has a high concern for other members. Her vocals also get a lot of praise for being stable when performing live.

Well, that was all for the information about Skarf’s Hana and everything you should know about her. Let’s continue to give support and love to SKarf’s Hana who is currently actively promoting as Secret Number’s Lea, hoping that her future career can shine even more. If you like this article, don’t forget to share on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!