From Lee Jong-suk To Super Junior’s Siwon: Here’s A List Of South Korean Celebrities Who Joined The Campaign And Donated To UNICEF

Bang Yong-guk


Bang Yong-guk was registered with World Vision, Save the Children, and UNICEF as permanent donors. He often posts letters of reply from the children he has helped. He made it an encouragement. Not only that, but he also sponsors two Cambodian children and every month, Bang Yong-guk always sends money and other needs for the lives of the two children.

At every opportunity when meeting with fans both at concerts or fan meetings, Bang Yong-guk also always teaches his fans about the importance of providing assistance to fellow humans in need. His role as a BAP leader made Bang Yong-woof work with his group of friends to do the same. Some of the concert funds, dolls from fans (after asking permission from fans directly) have even been donated to children through UNICEF.

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Super Junior’s Siwon

In November 2019, UNICEF East Asia Pacific announced that Super Junior member Choi Si-won was their latest regional ambassador. The Super Junior member who is also an actor is known to be active in participating in various social activities. In October 2019, he visited Vietnam in order to promote the UNICEF campaign on anti-harassment or bullying.

The visit was not the first time. Previously he also conducted an education campaign titled ‘SMile for U’. This campaign is a collaboration between UNICEF and Siwon’s agency, SM Entertainment, to provide music education for children with disabilities. It is known that Siwon is no stranger to UNICEF. He served as UNICEF Special Ambassador of South Korea in 2015. For his contribution, he received a special award from UNICEF. UNICEF is indeed often active in inviting Korean artists to join their charity activities. Previously, UNICEF invited SM Entertainment fashion brands and artists to support their charity program.

Since 1954 UNICEF has often worked with celebrities as their ambassadors. This is done to draw the attention of the public to the issues being raised by the organization.

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That was all the information about the many South Korean celebrities who have joined the campaigns and donated to UNICEF. From Lee Jong-suk to Super Junior’s member Choi Si-won. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!