From Lee Jong-suk To Super Junior’s Siwon: Here’s A List Of South Korean Celebrities Who Joined The Campaign And Donated To UNICEF

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Here Are Several South Korean Celebrities Who Joined The Campaign And Donated To UNICEF

Being a figure known to the public, several celebrities were chosen to be ambassadors of the world social organization. They were chosen not only because of their popularity, but also because they have a view of life and principles that are considered to bring positive air for a better world change. South Korean celebrities have the status of a star who is synonymous with the word ‘glamor’. It turns out, they are not necessarily complacent with a luxurious life.

It’s no secret that many South Korean celebrities often donate to others. Not just giving help, Korean celebrities consisting of idols, actors and actresses don’t even hesitate to go down as volunteers. Not only volunteering in their own country, but Korean celebrities also go to other countries for humanitarian activities.

In collaboration with various charitable organizations such as UNICEF, South Korean celebrities are visiting children in need in Africa, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, and other countries to interact and help children in need. Despite their status as famous stars, their touching moments as volunteers are proof that Korean celebrities have noble hearts. Are you curious about who are the South Korean celebrities who are members of the UNICEF organization?

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a run-through of several South Korean celebrities who joined the campaign and donated to UNICEF. From Lee Jong-suk to Super Junior’s member Choi Si-won. So, stay tuned!

Lee Jong-suk

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Not only he is handsome, but South Korean actor Lee Jong-suk turned out to also have a noble heart. Lee Jong-suk is known to have taken part in a charity event initiated by UNICEF. In 2016, Lee Jong-suk was hired to join a campaign organized by UNICEF in promoting the “LINE X UNICEF Brown Edition” puppet that was part of the campaign. Lee Jong-suk did a photoshoot with one of the chat applications whose profits will be donated to UNICEF to be given to children in need.

“It was very fun for me, being able to be part of a meaningful photoshoot with the cute and kind Brown,” said Lee Jong-suk. This handsome actor continued, “Even in the future, I will have an interest and actively participate in contributions that will help children around the world.”

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Lee Min-ho


Lee Min-ho was known to have donated some of his income to UNICEF’s World Water Day event. Not only donating funds, but this handsome actor has also raised funds through the PROMIZ program, where the funds are collected and distributed to those in need. Funds donated by PROMIZ to UNICEF have also been reported to have helped provide clean water to 520,000 children and tackle waterborne diseases.

Earlier in 2009, Lee Min-ho was also known to have participated in the “Love Net” campaign organized by UNICEF by sending mosquito net equipment to help deal with the malaria problem. Then, he also donated 100 million won in 2015 through his official fan club, MINOZ, with the aim of helping earthquake victims in Nepal. Even, Lee Min-ho was also listed as a member of the UNICEF Korean Honorary Club because of the continuous donations he had given.

Meanwhile, aside from the donations mentioned by the UNICEF Committee in Korea, Lee Min-ho with PROMIZ was also known to have provided access to clean water to children who need it through UNICEF. He also stated that he was ready to continue to extend assistance to anyone who needed similar assistance in all corners of the world. Lee Min-ho hopes to provide “warmth” through the assistance he provides to people in need.


BTS’ Jin

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The oldest member of the popular South Korean boy group BTS, Jin, joined the main donor club UNICEF Korea. Jin has contributed to the organization of the United Nations since 2018. “Jin’s financial contribution to the Korean office for UN children’s funds has exceeded 100 million won since he started contributing in May last year,” UNICEF Korea said, as reported by the Korean Herald.

Because of this, the man whose real name is Kim Seok-jin was given the right to join the UNICEF Korean Honorary Club. The club contains a group of people who have donated more than 100 million won. Other members are Olympic champion Kim Yu-na, actor Won Bin, and CEO of AmorePacific Corporation, Suh Kyung-bae. After secretly donating to UNICEF Korea’s office for a year, Jin reportedly decided to make it public. He hopes his good intentions can have a positive influence.

The head of UNICEF Korea, Lee Key-cheol expressed his gratitude for the meaningful contribution from Jin. The oldest BTS member is considered to set an example for young people in the world with a message full of hope. Previously, BTS also had a close partnership with UNICEF on a global anti-violence campaign. Not only that, but BTS and UNICEF also launched the “Generation Unlimited” initiative in 2018.


Girls Day’s Hyeri


For their active role in providing social assistance funds through UNICEF, the actress and member of the Girl’s Day group, Hyeri, has been named a member of the UNICEF Korean Honorary Club. Membership in this honor club is given to people who donate more than 100 million won through UNICEF Korea to help children in need throughout the world.

“Hyeri joined several influential celebrities such as Ahn Sung-ki, Kim Yu-na, BTS’ Jin, and many more in the members of the UNICEF Honorary Club. She has shown her concern for needy children around the world by providing aid in excess of 100 million won,” said a source.

Hyeri even received a UNICEF Honorary Club certification placard in July 2019. In addition to joining a number of charity actions, Hyeri will also participate in a number of UNICEF campaign activities such as the “School for Asia” program. The “School for Asia” campaign is a campaign to support the education of children in eleven countries in Asia including Mongolia, Nepal, Indonesia, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Laos, Vietnam, and other countries.

The donation given by Hyeri was used to build learning facilities for underprivileged children in various Asian countries. In addition to building schools, this campaign will also provide textbooks for children, AIDS prevention education, and training programs for teachers.

Wanna One


The United Nations Organization, UNICEF Korea teamed up with boy group Wanna One in the ‘#Wanna One For Every Child’ campaign launched in December 2018. As a form of participation, Wanna One collects donations in the form of wool blankets which were distributed to the children to protect them from the cold. Since August 7th, 2018, Wanna One was said to have donated a total of 8,070 blankets.

Anyone is allowed to contribute to this campaign online. As of December 1st, 2019, for two weeks, the public could take photos or videos of items deemed to be able to warm children by including the hashtag #WannaOneForEveryChild. This kind of campaign was not the first for Wanna One. Previously, they also participated in the Christmas Jumper Day held by Save the Children Fund, and donated to the Korea Heart Foundation campaign.

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Won Bin


Won Bin is a South Korean actor who once held the position of UNICEF Ambassador of Korea. Won Bin is a famous actor. During his time as UNICEF Ambassador, he did not act and regularly visited a number of countries to carry out child care campaigns. In 2012, Won Bin did a photoshoot on Mana Island in Fiji for the cover of L’Officiel Hommes Magazine. Although he is an actor who is in demand in the fashion industry, Won Bin rarely appears on fashion shows. On behalf of UNICEF, Won Bin was undoubtedly willing to do the photo session. The actor who is a UNICEF honorary ambassador will donate all of his photography profits to the organization.

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