South Korea’s Special Representative for ‘UNICEF’, Here Are Choi Si-won’s Moments During The Social Campaign!

Learn More About South Korea’s Special Representative for ‘UNICEF’ Choi Si-won

Choi Si-won is a very famous public figure in South Korea. He is an actor and also a singer who is a member of the boy band Super Junior. Besides being a celebrity, he is known to be one of the public figures that show a high interest in social issues and the welfare of children.

Choi Si-won has been a special representative to UNICEF‘s Korean National Committee since 2015. He believes that all children should enjoy the same rights to survive, thrive and live to their fullest potential. As a special representative to UNICEF‘s Korean National Committee, Choi Si-won has already traveled to different countries to support the UNICEF mission globally.

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In August 2018, Si-won Choi visited Thailand to celebrate the 70th anniversary of UNICEF in Thailand. During the visit, Si-won participated in recreational activities for children with intellectual disabilities in Ubon Ratchathani and Surin provinces. Si-won’s visit is part of a special project of UNICEF Thailand.

He came to Thailand as part of The Blue Carpet Show UNICEF to encourage society to become more aware of the problems children in Thailand and all over the world are facing. The project is the initiative of UNICEF globally and is important in many countries.

In Thailand, this is the first time that the show has brought celebs and artists from various camps to gather together and show the strength of creating positive change for children.

During his visit, he said that he is very glad to join UNICEF Thailand and very honored to join the project as a special representative from UNICEF South Korea. He hopes that other people will join him and support the show for children in Thailand and globally. He had the opportunity to talk and play with children with intellectual disabilities. It made him feel like going back to being a kid again.

He is confident that The Blue Carpet Show for UNICEF will create a great phenomenon to improve the lives of children, especially those who lack equal opportunities or belong to ethnic minorities.


In 2018, after visiting Thailand, the special representative of UNICEF, Choi Si-won also went to Brunei Darussalam to attend the opening ceremony of the 5th ASEAN Children’s Forum (ACF).

During the opening ceremony of the 5th ASEAN Children’s Forum (ACF), Choi Si-won delivered a very touching message about the problems faced by children and sent an impassioned message to the children of the region and the world, urging them to be changemakers and to stand up for their rights.

In his speech, Choi Si-won said, “Did you know that there are 220 million people under 20 years old in the Asian region? It’s almost 35 percent of all the ASEAN population. That means 35 percent of voices should be represented in your society, in your politics, for young people.”

He also stated, “Are you getting enough attention and support from society to grow in a safe, clean and healthy environment? Are the 35 percent well-represented in your society? My short answer is ‘No’.”

As a Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF, he urged, “We need to make sure that our policymakers and politicians realize that we are the future of the country, not only by words. We should ask them to invest the right resources for every school, every hospital and every community.”

Recalling his past journeys in some countries, he said that he has unfortunately witnessed millions of children suffering from the deprivation of basic rights such as the rights to education, the rights to health and the rights to play. Some are exposed to bullying, sexual abuse and discrimination because of their race, ethnicity and other unacceptable reasons.

In addition, he insisted, “That is why we still need to work hard to meet the needs and aspirations of the children in the region. We cannot be satisfied with what we have now. Children in the ASEAN deserve a better future. Our fight to keep our world safe, clean and healthy for our children is still ongoing. We all need to be a part of the fight against injustice, insecurity, and irresponsibility towards children and the world.” And to conclude his speech, Choi Si-won expressed that children can change the world. And we all can be Super Juniors.


In August 2018, Choi Si-won visited Malaysia to promote UNICEF Malaysia’s campaign. Si-won was spotted at the Semantan MRT station in Malaysia holding a placard on which it was written, “Be a friend of UNICEF today. Together, you and I can make a difference for children.” Choi Si-won also was one of the speakers for UNICEF’s Youth Talk in Malaysia.

Prior to his visit to Malaysia, he visited Brunei for the ASEAN Children Forum and Thailand for another UNICEF campaign. Choi Si-won said that his visit to Malaysia in August 2018 was different. He was there to participate in UNICEF’s Youth Talk with students from all over Malaysia. It was a town hall with students from all over the country on how they can make schools a safe place to learn.

Choi Si-won had heard about Nhaveen before he came to Malaysia. Nhaveen was cruelly bullied and beaten by other boys from school. He and other people cannot let this happen to another child. The violence must stop and it is an urgent issue. Every child needs to know they are safe when they go to school, to learn, to play, to grow. He was amazed to hear what students were already doing and the brilliant ideas they had on how to stop bullying.

The big theme which emerged is that students wanted to fight violence with kindness. They did not ask for more punishment. They were calling for an end to violence through kindness which is revolutionary. That is making a difference.

The children need to be safe whether they are in school, at home, or in their community. Together we can do it. It is the students collectively making their voice heard, asking for change. All we do at UNICEF is lend them guidance and amplify their voices.


In 2017, just a few days after his discharge from the military enlistment, Choi Si-won would be volunteering for a UNICEF campaign in Vietnam.

The campaign was called “SMile for U.” It is a music education program for disabled children and sponsored by SM Entertainment. To promote the event, Choi Si-won would be visiting various cities in Vietnam, including Da Nang and Tu Mo Rong.

Choi Si-won shared his experience about his participation in the program and said that he was so honored and happy to be able to be a part of the program as a special representative of UNICEF. Through the trip, he looks forward to interacting with the children as a volunteer and hopes that this will become an opportunity for them to have happy dreams through music.

Choi Si-won has consistently participated in various UNICEF campaigns since 2010 and was named as a special UNICEF representative in November of 2015, making this campaign his first official activity since he became a special representative.

In 2019, the member of Super Junior, Choi Si-won, will be back in Vietnam. He will visit Vietnam to promote UNICEF’s campaign to end bullying. UNICEF Vietnam shared a clip of Choi Si-won speaking about his upcoming visit to the country. According to the post, the idol will visit the city of Da Nang on October 2nd, 2019, where he will meet with students and discuss issues related to violence against children.

Latest News

Despite his busy schedule as a special representative of the UNICEF Korean National Committee and visiting some countries in Asia to promote UNICEF campaigns, Choi Si-won is also busy preparing a new album with his group Super Junior. Super Junior is currently gearing up for their group comeback with their ninth album Time Slip

The new Super Junior album Time Slip and title track “Super Clap” will be released on October 14th, 2019.

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