True or Not? Sistar19 Will Comeback Soon?


Hyolyn x Bora as SISTAR19

As we know, the girl group under STARSHIP Entertainment, SISTAR, has a sub-unit which only consists of two people including Hyolyn as the main vocal and Bora as the main rapper. SISTAR19 is the sub-unit name for Hyolyn and Bora.

SISTAR19 was formed in 2011 with the song Ma Boy and they had their comeback with the song Gone Not Around Any Longer in 2013. The number 19 was chosen because at the age of 19 years, there are many girls who are in love or start to fall in love. Just like SISTAR’s concept, SISTAR19 Hyolyn and Bora also dare to look sexy and elegant. However, Hyolyn and Bora are not under STARSHIP Entertainment. Hyolyn chose to set up her own agency and Bora chose to join Hook Entertainment. Then does SISTAR19 still need a comeback? Lets see!

SISTAR19 Debut


SISTAR19 debuted with Ma Boy in May 2011. With the song Ma Boy, SISTAR19 was able to steal the attention of netizens with the concept and genre of music they bring. With the concept of sexy,cute, and interesting songs, they are able to attract the attention of netizens with their own style.

Some netizens support the SISTAR19 sub-unit and others disagree with the SISTAR19 sub-unit. Netizens feel SISTAR19 is only for Hyolyn because 70% of the time Hyolyn sings for Ma Boy and 30% of the time Bora supports as a rapper. But there are also many netizens who support SISTAR19 and expect them to be able to comeback later.

Although the song came out over six years ago, netizen are still loving it in 2017. Until now, they have more than 74 million viewers.

SISTAR19 Comeback


On January 30, 2013 SISTAR19 cameback with the title track Gone Not Around Any Longer. Hyorin and Bora talk about their sadness when they left their boyfriends. They look sexy with a seductive dance movement and a very deep expression.


With the Gone Not Around Any Longer song, SISTAR19 was able to get more than four awards at music shows such as Music bank and M! Countdown. With the song Gone Not Around Any Longer, netizens believed in Hyolyn and Bora’s ability as SISTAR19 instead of SISTAR. In fact, they beat SHINee with Gone Not Around Any Longer.


Also, with Gone Not Around Any Longer they can make Perfect-All Kill. Perfect All-Kill (PAK) occurs when a song from a group or individual sweeps all the major music charts in South Korea and places on the iChart weekly in Instiz.

After SISTAR19 released a song in collaboration with Brave Girls, they were able to occupy the first position in real-time graphics and retain the first position for four days with Gone Not Around Any Longer. Brave Sounds is indeed one of South Korea’s most famous producers. Brave Sounds always produces the best songs, such as So Cool that SISTAR came out with in 2012. Then for the sub-unit of Hyolyn and Bora, Gone Not Around Any Longer managed to achieve Perfect All-Kill for four days in a row and bring home more than four trophies.

It wasn’t only Brave Sounds who helped SISTAR19; the director Joo Hee Sun, who helped SISTAR in the music video Alone, also helped SISTAR19 to participate in the music video Gone Not Around Any Longer.

With the achievement of Perfect All-Kill, netizens began to believe that the capabilities of SISTAR19 could not be underestimated.

SISTAR19 Will Comeback Soon


Not yet rumored for a comeback, Hyolyn and Bora decided not to renew her contract with STARSHIP Entertainment because SISTAR has also been disbanded. Netizens, especially STAR1, are very sad that they chose to focus more on their respective activities. But even though SISTAR is disbanded, their friendship will stay strong.

With SISTAR disbanded and only Soyou and Dasom on contract with STARSHIP Entertainment, it is unlikely that SISTAR19 will make a comeback anymore. Hyolyn is focusing on her own agency and Bora focuses as an artist under Hook Entertainment. Netizens expect Soyou and Dasom to be SISTAR19’s successor. Dasom once said that if Hyolyn and Bora formed a group called SISTAR19, Dasom and Soyou would form a group called SISTAR W. The W would stand for white, making the meaning of SISTAR W be SISTAR White, because Dasom and Soyou have whiter skin when compared to Hyolyn and Bora.