Ex-Sistar’s Member Yoon Bora’s Full Profile: Dating, Photoshoot, Social Media, etc

Yoon Bora’s Accidents


As human beings, we cannot always avoid misfortunes. The same thing applies to Yoon Bora as she frequently experienced unfortunate accidents during her days as an idol, be it during her performances with Sistar or other events where she participated as the representative of Sistar. In August 2010, Bora had to go through an embarrassing moment of falling on a slippery stage. At that time, Sistar was performing “Shady Girl” at the Let’s Start Sharing Concert. Notably, the rain was pouring yet the group still did their performance which eventually led to Bora’s ill-timed fall.

The fall made Bora injure her finger, causing the performance to halt before Sistar performed once again after checking her injury. Starship Entertainment announced that Bora suffered serious pain after the fall, “The X-ray results showed that she had cracked her thumb, hence three weeks of treatment is needed. We wish for everyone’s prayer for Bora’s speedy recovery.”


A year later, Bora burned her legs during a rehearsal for KBS’s Music Bank on August 12, 2011. She accidentally fell on one of the stage lights after attempting to greet the cast of KBS’ wildlife variety show Two Days One Night. Through Sistar’s Twitter account, Bora informed fans that she was totally fine and felt apologetic for making them worry. Although having an injury, Bora still performed with Sistar with her patched legs.

In January 2013, Bora experienced another fall during her participation on MBC’s Idol Star Athletics Championship. Accordingly, Bora joined the 70-meter running preliminary match and became the lead runner among other contestants. Unfortunately, Bora took a wrong step which made her fall on her head.

The medical staff immediately came to the site when Bora did not get up from the ground. Her fellow Sistar member Soyou also helped her to get back to the waiting room. Many netizens suspect that the reason Bora falls many times is due to her tiny ankle.


Back in September 2012, Bora almost fell off the stage. At that time, Sistar became one of the guests performing at the Brave Guys’ charity concert at Yonsei University. Luckily, another Sistar member, Hyorin, quickly grabbed Bora’s hand which forbid her from suffering another accident.

Yoon Bora’s Plastic Surgery Rumor


Compared to other Sistar members, Yoon Bora is rarely accused of getting plastic surgery because of the natural vibe that her face emanates. Even so, Bora once said that she was interested in getting plastic surgery before being advised by a plastic surgeon to not do it. To clear up the allegation of plastic surgery surrounding her, we will compare Yoon Bora’s past and present photos below!

sistar bora

As you can see, Bora’s facial features remain the same throughout the years, be it her double-eyelid eyes, bouncy nose tip, or V-line jaw, hence her claim as a natural beauty proves to be true. Thus, Bora made it into the list of the few Korean celebrities who have never gotten work done on their face.