Ex-Sistar’s Member Yoon Bora’s Full Profile: Dating, Photoshoot, Social Media, etc


Meet the Only Rapper of Sistar, Bora

Majorly known as the rapper of the sexy girl group Sistar, Yoon Bora made the switch to pursue a career as a host and actress. Her relation as a former Sistar member certainly made Bora’s worth as a celebrity spike up, proven by her appearance on wide-scaled projects like the television series A Korean Odyssey and survival show Produce 48.

In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Yoon Bora, including her personal profile, discography, filmography, relationships, accidents, plastic surgery, best photoshoot pictures, fashion style, and Instagram feed. So, stay tuned!

Yoon Bora’s Full Profile


Stage Name: Bora

Birth Name: Yoon Bo Ra

Birth: Seoul, South Korea, December 30, 1989

Occupation: Singer, actress, host

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Chinese Astrology: Snake

Blood Type: O

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 46 kg

Siblings: 1 (an older brother)

Education: Myongji University with a major in musical theater

Hobbies: Exercising and dancing

Favorite Color: Purple

Fanclub Name: ABORAbles

Talent Agency: Starship Entertainment (2010 – 2017), Hook Entertainment (2017 – present)

Instagram: @borabora_sugar

Yoon Bora with Sistar


During her old days in Sistar, Yoon Bora occupied the position of the rapper of the group. Even so, Bora’s main interest is actually dancing as her childhood dream was to be a ballerina. Later on, her dream to perform was achieved along with Hyorin, Soyou, and Dasom. In one of the early interviews with a media outlet, Bora described her thankful feelings after debuting with Sistar, “It’s like I have the whole world. It’s through dance that I was able to meet STAR1 fans and receive love from the public. And, my passion and love for dance will not end in the future. My Sistar members are like family.”


Bora’s statement regarding her family-like relationship with Sistar’s members remains true because even though they decided to disband, the members still occasionally meet up, proving their close friendship despite no longer working as a group.

List of Yoon Bora’s Albums and Songs


Despite being known as the rapper of Sistar, Yoon Bora surprisingly has not recorded many songs as a solo artist or while collaborating with other artists. This fact seems reasonable because Bora always considers herself a dancer instead of a rapper. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of songs by Yoon Bora that you may want to listen to!

2012 – “Mermaid Princess” (special single with Mystic White)

2013 – “Bubble” (included on the album Will in Fall)

2015 – “Feedback” (featuring Kisum, Lil Cham, Jace, and Adoonga)

Yoon Bora’s Filmography


After Sistar disbanded, Yoon Bora decided to be a full-time actress and host, leaving the path of an idol. Her early experiences in television shows undoubtedly have taught Bora to be a great entertainer. On the other hand, Bora’s skill as an actress is still debatable, though it may be understandable since she has less experience in dramas and films as compared to variety shows. Below, you may check the list of Yoon Bora’s dramas, films, and variety shows!

2010 – MBC’s Idol Star Athletics Championships (Cast Member)

2011 – MBC’s Idol Star Athletics Championships (Cast Member)

2011 – MBC’s Idol Star Athletics – Swimming Championships (Cast Member)

2011 – KBS Joy’s Sistar and Leeteuk’s Hello Baby (Cast Member)

2011 – MBC’s Idol Star Athletics Championships (Cast Member)

2011–2012 – KBS2’s Invincible Youth 2 (Cast Member)

2012 – MBC’s Idol Star Olympics Championships (Cast Member)

2012 – MBC’s Idol Star Athletics – Swimming Championships (Cast Member)

2012 – All the K-Pop (Guest Cast on episodes 1-2)

2012 – KBS2’s Shut Up Family (Guest Role as herself)

2013 – SBS’s Fashion King Korea (Judge)

2013 – MBC’s Idol Star Athletics Championships (Cast Member)

2013–2015 – KBS2’s Music Bank (Fixed Host with actor Park Seo-joon)

2014 – SBS’s Doctor Stranger (Supporting Role as Lee Chang-yi)

2014 – MBC’s Idol Star Athletics Championships (Cast Member)

2014 – I Am a Man (Guest Cast on episode 2)

2014 – jTBC’s Please Take Care of My Refrigerator (Guest Cast on episodes 48-49)

2015 – SBS’s The Flatterer (Main Role as Lee Bong-hee)

2015 – Sohu TV’s High-End Crush (Supporting Role as Kang Min-joo)

2015 – KBS World’s A Style for You (Co-host)

2015 – MBC’s Idol Star Athletics Championships New Year Special (Cast Member)

2015 – MBC Every1’s Sistar Showtime (Cast Member)

2016 – Descendants of the Airport (Main Role)

2016 – OnStyle’s Lipstick Prince Season 1 (Guest Cast)

2016 – MBC Every1’s Star Show 360 (Guest Cast on episodes 6-7)

2016 – The Boss Is Watching (Cast Member)

2016 – SBS’s Law of the Jungle in Panama (Cast Member)

2016 – Mnet’s Hit the Stage (Contestant on episodes 1–2, 5–8)

2017 – Sohu TV’s Irish Uppercut (Main Role as Do Hye-na)

2017 – tvN’s A Korean Odyssey (Supporting Role as Alice / Ok R / Ok Rong)

2017 – Sunkist Family (Main Role)

2018 – jTBC’s My ID Is Gangnam Beauty (Guest Role as Model)

2018 – tvN’s Accidental Behavioral Science Research Center (Cast Member)

2018 – OCN’s Quiz of God – Season 5: Reboot (Supporting Role as Jeong Seung-bin)

2018 – Mnet’s Produce 48 (Special MC on episodes 6–7 and 11)

Yoon Bora’s Dating News


Contrary to typical Korean celebrities who mostly deny their dating rumors, Yoon Bora has openly announced her relationship. In June 2017, Bora confirmed her dating news with BIGSTAR and UN.B’s Feeldog. They met through Mnet’s dancing show Hit the Stage and have been dating ever since. Despite having a public relationship, Bora and Feeldog do not really talk about each other in public unless asked, making them a likable couple that does not crave public attention.