SISTAR Plastic Surgery Before and After Comparison


Did Sistar Members Undergo Plastic Surgery?

As a girl group whose image is known as sexy and glamorous, it is expected that SISTAR members have to take care of their appearance. Besides working out and doing extreme diets, plastic surgery becomes the option for SISTAR members to get the ideal look for their face. Thus, in this article Channel-Korea will provide the procedures that are suspectedly done by SISTAR, a group that consists of members Dasom, Hyorin, Soyu, and Bora. So, stay tuned!

Dasom’s Plastic Surgery and Picture Comparison

Dasom owns the position of vocal in the group SISTAR and has ventured to the acting field. Additionally, Dasom is also known for having naturally pale skin color compared to the rest of the SISTAR members. Well, are Dasom’s facial features also the natural ones? Let’s see Dasom’s past pictures.

Now, let’s see Dasom’s current photos!

After comparing the past and present pictures of Dasom, it can be said that Dasom did not modify her nose through the knife of the plastic surgeon as her long and slender nose still looks exactly the same as in her early days. However, the same thing cannot be said for her eyes because they look slightly changed due to double eyelid surgery. In addition, Dasom also did fat grafting under her eyes to get aegyo sal, which makes her appearance look cute and youthful.

Hyorin’s Plastic Surgery and Picture Comparison

Hyorin, whose real name is Kim Hyojung, is known as the main vocalist of SISTAR and has a distinctive husky voice, often being called as the Beyonce of South Korea along with solo singer Ailee. Unfortunately, Hyorin’s appearance is not really what the public consider to be a pretty face as she has dark tanned skin. Even her own mother said that Hyorin is unattractive. Therefore, it is likely to suspect that Hyorin did plastic surgery on her face. Is that really the case? Let’s see Hyorin’s past pictures.

Now, let’s see Hyorin’s current pictures!

After comparing the past and present pictures of Hyorin, it can be said that Hyorin did double eyelid surgery as her current eyes look more open after this additional eyelid fold  procedure. In addition, it is obvious that Hyorin did a nose job because her current nose looks more prominent in comparison to the past one. Previously, her nose bridge did not look apparent to the viewer. Moreover, the tip of Hyorin’s nose is augmented and obviously looks way better than her old one.

SISTAR Soyou Plastic Surgery and Picture Comparison

Along with Hyorin, Soyou is also known as the lead vocalist of SISTAR and she hit the fame status through ‘Some’, a song which she did in collaboration with singer, and also her labelmate, Junggigo. Just like Hyorin, Soyou was also never considered a pretty face in the eyes of public, which disheartened her in the early days. Fortunately, Soyou has overcome the moment when she had a lack of confidence and people suspect that it is due to the plastic surgery she got. Well, let’s see Soyou’s past pictures first.

Now, let’s compare these with Soyou’s present pictures!

After comparing the past and present pictures of Soyou, it can be said that Soyou did plastic surgery for her nose because her old nose was in a big and bumpy shape. Soyou’s current nose is a long and well-defined shape due to its raised length and height which has made it more prominent. In addition, Soyou also underwent double eyelid surgery to make her eyes look wider and more open, as her past eyes were small and round.