Sistar Members’ Showtime (Onehallyu)


#ThankYouSISTAR, the Disbanding of the Queen of Summer

Touch My Body, I swear, and Ma Boy were some popular Korean summer songs from a few years ago. All of them are SISTAR’s songs. SISTAR was a girl group from Starship entertainment that consisted of four members: Hyolyn, Bora, Soyou and Dasom. Since their debut in 2010, SISTAR had been very popular among Koreans, and were even internationally recognized. They became trendsetters, especially because of their unique and special image, which brought a new concept to the idea of a girl group. Sadly, seven years later, in 2017, SISTAR confirmed they were disbanding and instead continuing with their individual careers.

SISTAR’s Members



Real name: Kim Hyo-jung

Stage name: Hyolyn

D.O.B: 11 January, 1991

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist

Place of Birth: Incheon, South Korea



Real name: Yoon Bo-ra

Stage name: Bora

D.O.B: 30 January 1990

Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer

Place of Birth: South Jeolla, South Korea



Real name: Kang Ji-hyun

Stage name: Soyou

D.O.B: 12 February 1992

Position: Lead Vocalist

Place of Birth: Jeju, South Korea



Real name: Kim Da-som

Stage name: Dasom

D.O.B: 5 June 1993

Position: Vocalist

Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea

SISTAR’s Discography

Shady Girl

SISTAR debuted on June 4, 2010 with their single, Push Push, which was a hit in South Korea. Even so, the song’s clunky electro-pop sound and heavy auto-tuning felt a lot like 2NE1 – who had just made a majorly successful debut a year earlier – and lacked a strong identity past its irresistible hook. On August 25, the group came back with a new single, Shady Girl. In a performance from the “Let’s Start” concert, a fan took a video showing Bora falling off the stage and fracturing her thumb. The rest of the members stopped their performance and assisted her along with the other stage crews. Fortunately, several minutes later, Bora and the other members returned and finished their singing performance. This fan video made their group viral, which meant many people started to recognize SISTAR.

List of SISTAR’s albums and title tracks:

2010: Push Push, Shaddy Girl, How Dare You

2011: So Cool

2012: Alone, Loving U

2013: Give It to Me

2014: Touch My Body, I Swear

2015: Shake It

2016: I Like That

2017: Lonely

Studio Albums: So Cool (2011) and Give It to Me (2013)

Sistar19, Sub Unit of SISTAR


Aside from SISTAR as the main group, Starship also created a sub-unit of SISTAR, which was called SISTAR19 and only had two members: Bora and Hyolyn. They debuted their first song Ma Boy on May 3, 2011. The song became a hit in Korea as well as internationally. Their concept brought a fresh taste of music and style. They gave off a sexy and mature vibe, which was very different from other groups in their era.

A few years later, in January of 2013, Sistar19 released their first mini album Gone Not Around Any Longer with a title track of the same name. Starship also announced that SISTAR would return again for their second full album. SISTAR released photo teasers of Dasom and Bora first, and after that full member photo teasers of Give It to Me revealed them to have a Moulin Rouge theme. The album became a hit and debuted at number four on the Gaon Music Chart.