Best Scenes and Funny Moments from SISTAR on Running Man


SISTAR on the Running Man Series

Running Man is one of the most popular variety shows in South Korea, and almost every episode has a pretty high rating. Originally, the series consisted of 7 people: JaeSuk, HaHa, JiHyo, JongKook, Gary, SukJin, and KwangSoo. However, Gary chose to leave the show and focus on his career as well as his family. Finally, two more members were added- Somin and Sechan- for a new total of 8 members.

Many exciting games and missions are given by the Running Man crew to all Running Man participants. They also often invite guest stars to enliven the events, for example, SISTAR. SISTAR has joined the show several times and participated in many missions and funny moments. Let’s see what happened with SISTAR on the show, shall we?

SISTAR in Running Man Episode 307


All SISTAR members along with their junior MONSTA X’s Shownu participated in the 307th Running Man episode. All members of Running Man were very excited because SISTAR always looks sexy. Jihyo was also very happy to see Shownu, who, according to her, is very handsome and has very strong arm muscles.

The theme of the game this time is the Couple Race, where Running Man members choose their spouses in the train. This is where funny events occur during the selection of a partner. Just a few minutes earlier, Soyou had asked to be paired up with Jong-kook since he’s strong enough to carry her. Dasom enters the compartment first, and while the Unlucky Trio tried to persuade her to join them, Haha reminds her that those three have the worst luck.

She has everyone close their eyes and ultimately chooses Kwang-soo, and he is really excited. Myuk PD tells everyone not to worry because the couple arrangements are fluid depending on what happens. The other guys are quick to dispel Dasom’s impression about Kwang-soo, saying that he compliments every girl he sees. KwangSoo said, “I’ve never said that to Ji-hyo!


But, the guys feel bad for Dasom when KwangSoo gets up to greet Hyorin. So, Hyorin plops down beside Jong-kook, and Jae-suk confesses that he’s actually relieved with this outcome.

Next is Shownu of Monsta X, who pairs up with Ji-hyo. Bora bounces into the compartment and leans toward Gary before telling Dasom to get out of her seat next to KwangSoo.

It’s up to Kwang-soo now, and he chooses Bora. Jae-suk immediately leads Soyou to his row when she walks in, and Kwang-soo’s betrayal is fresh in her mind. As expected, she tells Hyorin to take a hike and Jong-kook asks her to get up.

Now, there are two women scorned- Dasom chooses Jae-suk, and Hyorin sits with Gary. This means that Haha is paired with Suk-jin, and our couples are all set.

Then, it’s time for the couples to show off their best dance moves to pick up another Thumbs Up. HaHa and Suk-jin push the boundaries of this show’s PG-rating, and for a hot second there, so do Gary and Hyorin. Kwang-soo and Bora don’t make it any better when she lays down on the floor.


The next game is Foot Wrestling, where the top two teams will pick up two and one Thumbs Up, respectively. Jae-suk and Dasom face off against Gary and Hyorin, and Jae-suk pushes on Gary’s groin. Gary returns the favor in kind, and both guys fall to the ground. Both ladies hang tight onto the bar until Dasom finally falls. Bora is scared to go up against Jihyo, which is understandable since Ji-hyo quickly wraps her legs around her.

Kwang-soo tries to tickle Shownu loose, but then the latter tries going for the pain points. Unfortunately for him, though, Kwang-soo swings Shownu off and his long legs touch the mat.

running man

When Gary and Hyorin are up again, Bora is pulled down within seconds and Gary, well, he’s on the receiving end of Kwang-soo’s headbanging against his family jewels.

KwangSoo tries tickling Gary, then pounds on his butt with his fist. Gary then pulls down on Kwang-soo’s leg that’s wrapped around the bar. The result? Extra weight on his nether region. Kwang-soo picks up a painful win when Gary slips off. He doesn’t have much time to recover for the final round versus JongKook and Soyou, who eliminate Bora.

Meanwhile, Kwang-soo punches Jong-kook’s butt and then his front until he lets go. Soyou is quick to avenge her teammate, pulling on Kwang-soo’s hair until he slips off.

The next game is a Couples Badminton tournament, where only five points are needed to move on. However, the choice of racket at their disposal is varied, like the flipper Bora is armed with. It turns out that Hyorin’s ping pong paddle is extremely handy here, but it’s Kwang-soo who scored the first point. Gary ties it up, but then he gives up the second point to the other team.

Later, the score is 3:1 in favor of Kwang-soo and Bora, then Bora scores the fourth point. Kwang-soo use his height to his advantage by towering over the net, and he and Bora win the match. Jae-suk and Dasom clang their frying pans against the shuttlecock, which Jong-kook returns with ease for the first point. The oversize racket helps Jong-kook with the counterattack, but soon Jae-suk and Dasom catch up and it’s deuce.

It’s match point when Jae-suk scores another point, and both teams are determined to win this round for themselves. Soyou strikes, but the shuttlecock falls short.


We breeze through the semifinals, and Kwang-soo and Bora advance to face Jae-suk and Dasom in the finals.

SISTAR in Running Man Episode 162

running man

INFINITE, SISTAR, APink, 2PM, Girl’s Day, MBLAQ, and BEAST (now called HIGHLIGHT) participated as guest stars on Running Man. This episode got a high rating because of all of the celebrities.

At the opening of the episode, Running Man members dance with members of the idol group they invited. The first appearance opens with the performance of INFINITE, with Sunggyu, L, and HaHa bringing a song called “Be Mine”. Surely, their performance invited a lot of laughter from netizens. Sunggyu and L’s cool styles mix with the silly style of HaHa. It is very inviting, and there is a lot of laughter and appreciation for them.

Secondly, Gary performs “No No No” with Naeun and Eunji from Apink. Surely, this performance brings excitement because Gary dances like a woman with Naeun and Eunji. Even Sunggy, L, and HaHa cannot help but laugh when they see Gary performing “No No No” cutely.

Third, Jihyo turns to revenge Gary. He performs the song Fiction with BEAST’s (now HIGHLIGHT) Doojoon and Gikwang. Surely, this performance gets all the applause because Jihyo performs perfect movements with Doojoon and Gikwang, and as we know, Jihyo is very bad in dancing.

Fourth, Jae-suk returns to bring a guest star idol group called Girl’s Day. Minah, Yura, and Jae-suk performed Expectation. Of course, this song has a sexy dance. Certainly, the audience cannot help but laugh at the sight of Jae-suk dancing sexily.

Fifth, Kwang-soo comes out with his silly dancing to MBLAQ’s songs with Lee Joon and Seung Ho. Surely, the movements and expressions of Kwang-soo, who really enjoys MBLAQ’s songs, invites everyone’s laughter as he shows a very strange and funny expression.


Sixth, Joong-kook performed Alone with SISTAR’s Hyolyn and Dasom. Surely, SISTAR always creates songs with a sexy concept, but calmly, Joong-kook follows the SISTAR song and tempo, which instantly gets applause from the other members.

Finally, Suk-jin, along with 2PM, performed the song Again & Again with Chansung and Wooyoung. This performance actually invites a lot of wild laughter because Sukjin’s performance is interrupted when she almost falls from the stage.

Then, when choosing a car, SISTAR chose to be with MBLAQ, APink with INFINITE, Girl’s Day with BEAST, and lastly 2PM was alone without a female idol.

The 1st Mission: “Swimming Pool Island”

running man

Every chance, only 5 people can climb onto the podium and will escape. The funny incident that happened was when Chansung and Wooyoung got away and climbed to the top of the island but SukJin did not make it to the top of the island because it was disturbed by other members. Although Wooyoung and Chansung continued to encourage Sukjin, Sukjin still could not rise above the island.

The 2nd Mission: “Jumping Blob”

running man

This mission is a two-person mission where one person jumps to the blob and one person is on the blob.

Here Kwangsoo becomes mad at Sungkyu because Sungkyu used Kwangsoo expression that Kwangsoo has been using for the past 3 years. But, Sungkyu innocently used it. Lee Joon flew into the air very strangely with styles like Shaolin and supported by the effect of the song “Kungfu Fighting”.

The 3rd Mission: “Throwing the Greatest Ball”

running man

The mission is about throwing the ball out and is there are 52 students who will throw the ball.

The 4th Mission 

This mission has three stages:

The first phase is to unlock the ropes that are already in a very complicated knot. Which, fortunately, they have a lot of seconds.

In the second stage, they have to finish the puzzle of the letter R. After it’s done, they can exit with the key.

In the third stage, after the key, they can pick up the yellow flag, Idol’s victory flag.

SISTAR Bora on Running Man

Running Man Episode 255


This Running Man episode is about the warmth of summer where the final mission will be performed in a large water park.

This episode is quite entertaining, especially because of the arrival of one of my favorite comedians, Gook-joo, who colored the atmosphere. The other guests were also quite entertaining. A lot of funny things made us laugh at this episode.

Previously, members of Running Man performed missions with their spouses determined by the Running Man crew. A funny incident happens when Kwang-soo is shocked because his partner is Lee Gook-joo, while the other Running Man members get a beautiful pair like Seolhyun, Bora, Soyou, Bomi, and others. He then ran towards the PD and started punching him. It’s just kidding, Kwang-soo finally shakes hands with and hugs Gook-joo.

running man

The next mission is to jump backward. Who finished this mission is the couple Gook-joo-Kwang Soo and Haha-Bora. A lot of funny incidents happened here, ranging from the way the Gookwang pair hit the forehead far, Bora is athletic and can go until 1 meter, but because of his mistake while landing, it just counted as 0 meters, Haha who wants to fall, took hard-earned landings with Gook-joo. Gook-joo, who wants to win this mission, kicks Kwang-soo backward, and the result is Kwang-soo’s forehead turned red.

Playing in a giant bowl, suddenly Gook-joo saw something on his legs. Apparently, it is a kind of extra hair that falls.


Blonde hair was instantly a joke. The blond hair there is just Bora’s and Bomi’s. But, Bora seemed to laugh out of embarrassment. She said Soyu threw it so strong. So, it’s definitely Bora’s hair.

Running Man Episode 201

running man

In this episode, Bora became the only female idol to participate and play in a muddy area. The guests included Minho from SHINee, Chansung from 2PM, Minhyuk from CNBlue, Sungkyu and Hoya from Infinite, Jinyoung from B1A4, and Bora from Sistar. Cast members cheered happily to welcome their guest stars, most of whom had previously been guest guests in previous episodes.

Not far from their skills as idols of dancing, idols soon jig in unison with a rhythmic motion following the rhythm of the song being played without losing their beat. Not to be outdone, the Running Man members who have enjoyed the 90s era immediately pointed out to their dongsaeng the “real” movement that was famous in the 90s.

running man

The theme of this Running Man episode is Rural Idol Vs City Idol. The members of Running Man dressed as a rural idol group with a 90’s theme. The idols dressed up like modern young men in a big city with tuxedos and material pants.

It turned out that the smiles of the Running Man members could not last long. Their first mission included running through a muddy rice field, which is clearly not their favorite game. But, it is much more difficult for the idol team because half of their team have never run through muddy rice fields before. They even have difficulty walking onto the paddy field. MC Yoo Jae-suk had time to melt the atmosphere by saying to some idols with a unique hair color that their hair will be more naturally colored, but with a brown mud color.

In the first game, members must create a line and bend that will be skipped by one of their team members. The team that most quickly jumps over his team members and picks up the flag at the far end and runs back to the starting line is the winning team. Unfortunately, Kwang-soo’s long legs cannot help much here. On the other hand, SHINee’s Minho who always shows his enthusiasm and passion in every game can skip his team members very well.

The second game in the same area is the marathon. Unexpectedly, Haroro who has short legs can run very fast in this muddy area and make the rural idol team lead at the beginning of the game. Very fierce competition occurred between the last runners Minho and Kwang-soo who started at the same time and finish with a very very small distance difference.

During the mission, idol Bora could not stop thinking about idol life and offered sun cream to the other idols to keep their skin from getting dark.


In addition to the muddy rice fields, the idols were also required to use rural tools that they had never encountered before. They even came face to face with a kid scapegoat and a piglet that overwhelmed them. Chansung ran here and there while hugging his pig child very closely, afraid that the piglet would leave.