What’s Behind Sistar Hyorin’s Perfect Body?


K-Pop’s Body Goals Icon, SISTAR Hyorin

Every women wants to be like her and every man wants her. Who else would it be if it’s not SISTAR’s Hyorin? Born as Kim Hyo Jung, Hyorin is a member of a famous girl group, SISTAR. She has been in the industry since 2010. She is a full package entertainer! Not only does she sing and dance, she also acts. Therefore, having a perfect body is a must. In fact, her body is one of the most proportional bodies among K-Pop female idols. We’re curious how she looks and how she gets that look? Read more below!

Hyorin’s Body Measurement: Eating and Exercising

At the age of 26, she managed to build a perfect body that all women have always wanted. With the height of 164 cm and the weight of 45 kg, she looks flawless. Even though the BMI results are ‘underweight’ at 16.7 (normal BMI is 18), Hyorin doesn’t look skinny at all! In fact, she doesn’t have much fat but a good amount of muscle. She even used to be 6-7 kg lighter during her debut days!

She admitted that she had a strict diet where people from her company actually watched over her eating habits and prevented her from eating the things she wanted. “They forced me not to eat when I was a trainee and I’m the type who wants to do it even more if someone tells me not to. They told me not to eat so then my desires to eat grew stronger. That led to a strange sense of damage and I’ve got a greater appetite”. From then on, she turned herself to exercising.


Hyorin’s Body Workout for a Lean Body

We know that Hyorin has a huge appetite. So, what is her secret to getting an awesome body like that? Of course you need to exercise, but what exercise do you need to be like Hyorin? Good thing you read this article.

As quoted from cosmopolitan, Hyorin said, “When I promoted, I did weight training at a gym, but these days I can’t be as hardcore. I usually just workout at home. There are tons of workouts you can do at home with a simple mat. Even if you repeat simple moves consistently, you can refine your muscles and tighten your body line.” 

Instead of cutting her food intake, she focuses more on exercising regularly to balance her fat and her muscles. She used to go through strict diets, but now she is living a rather healthy life with regular easy exercise that everyone can certainly do as well!


She even gives out advice for those who want to try dieting. She said that people should not be stressing out much about diet. Diet should be done with a peaceful heart so we would not be agitated when we think about the food that we cannot have.

Exercising is important. Hyorin suggests that people exercise at least 5-10 minutes a day. Even though it seems to be such a short time, it is actually effective in the long run. Your body will be used to movements. It can improve breathing and flexibility even if it doesn’t cut off your weight as much as full exercise will.

How to get SISTAR Hyorin body

Are you craving toned legs and arms now? Great! You can do these exercises below to help you with your diet and regular workout session. Fitness trainer Cassey Ho provides you home exercises that you can do and can result in a toned body, just like Hyorin. They are easy to follow and you do not need much space to do them either.

Need more 5 minute workout? Check out her complete playlist below:

There you go girls, you only need a mat to build your body like Hyorin. So what are you waiting for? Go buy that mat.