Up-Close with Singer Jooyoung: Profile, Latest Song, and Most Recent News


Meet The Powerful Male Singer Kim Joo-young!

Let’s catch up with the powerful male singer, Kim Joo-young! For all of you who haven’t heard about him yet, Kim Joo-young, or famously known as Jooyoung, is one of the male singers under the auspices of Starship Entertainment. But actually, Jooyoung already made his debut in 2010. Channel-Korea will give you a run-through of everything about Jooyoung, so make sure to read this article until the last paragraph!

As a singer, Jooyoung has already released two extended plays. First, he released From Me To You in 2012, and then in 2018, he released his second extended play titled Fountain. Perhaps people don’t recognize him yet, but trust us, he is one of the good male singers as well!

Want to know more about him? Channel-Korea will introduce you with the powerful male singer Kim Joo-young and all the details you need to know about him!

Jooyoung’s Full Profile


Jooyoung already started his career in 2010. Before he joined Starship Entertainment, he had been part of Real Collabo, and Jooyoung, with his school mate, Shin Dong-woo, created a duo group named J&D in 2009.

Here’s the full profile of Jooyoung!

Birth Name: Kim Joo-young (주영)

Stage Name: Jooyoung

Place and Date of Birth: Cheongju, South Korea, March 9th, 1991

Age: 28 (International age)/29 (Korean age)

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Instagram: @jooyoung

Fun Facts About Jooyoung

And here are some interesting facts about Jooyoung!

  • When in the military service, Jooyoung was still taking time to record his music along with his military service.
  • Jooyoung has already enlisted in the military service.
  • One of his music videos, “Erase,” features the female singer Hyolyn (Hyorin).
  • His nickname is Soulful.
  • One of Jooyoung’s best friends is NCU from B1A4.

Pre-Debut: Real Collabo


As we have already mentioned earlier, Jooyoung used to be a part of Real Collabo before he went into Starship Entertainment. When he was part of Real Collabo, for the first time, he was introduced through Real Collabo’s YouTube. In the video, Jooyoung was singing a cover of George Benson’s song “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You.”

After the first introduction, Jooyoung then released another cover, and this time, it was Jeremy Passion’s song “Well Done.” And finally, Jooyoung debuted with his own song, “Same As You” in February 2010. Not only he debuted as a singer, but Jooyoung also showed us his ability to be a songwriter through his first mini-album, From Me To You that was released in 2012.

While being in Real Collabo, he was involved in interviewing a lot of other artists’ showcases and concerts. Additionally, Jooyoung also took part in Real Collabo’s concert titled “Real Collabo Live.”However, unfortunately, in 2013, Jooyoung announced his departure from Real Collabo, by posting his decision on his official Twitter account.

Watch one of Jooyoung’s performances here:

Joining Starship Entertainment


After Jooyoung decided to leave Real Collabo, he then decided to join Starship Entertainment in 2014. Starship Entertainment introduced him with a performance, a cover song of Jeff Bernat’s “Call You Mine.” Since his first appearance, he had received a lot of attention, this was mainly due to his attractive performances and his eye-contact strategy.

Through Starship Entertainment, Jooyoung made his debut with the hit single “Erase,” which was the result of a collaboration with another Starship Entertainment artist, Hyorin. And also, he was included in a lot of activities with Starship Entertainment’s artists, such as in the Starship X Concert event, Starship Planet, and many more! Jooyoung also got to perform in some of the other artists’ concerts as a guest.

Jooyoung’s Discography


Here’s a full list of Jooyoung’s discography!

Extended Plays

Title Album Details
From Me To You Released on December 11th, 2012

Label: RealCollabo

Formats: CD, Digital download

Fountain Released on March 2nd, 2018

Label: Starship Entertainment

Formats: CD, Digital download

N/A Released on September 14th, 2018

Label: Starship Entertainment

Format: Digital download



Title Year
Same As You 2010
All Of You 2012
From Me To You 2012
Popstar 2013
Downtown Love (feat. Whale & Mad Clown) 2015
Wet (feat. Superbee) 2015
Dive 2018
Prada (feat. pH-1) 2018


Collaboration Singles

Title Year
Erase (with Hyolyn feat. Iron) 2014
Love Is You (with Starship Planet) 2014
0 (Young) with Giriboy & Mad Clown feat. No Mercy 2015
Draw You (with Ra.D, d.ear & Brother Su) 2015
Softly (with Starship Planet) 2015
Love Line (with Hyolyn & Bumkey) 2015
Cook For Love (with K.Will, Junggigo & Brother Su) 2016


As Featured Artist

Title Year
Can You Hear Me? 2016
I’ll Do It Every Day 2018

Jooyoung and Hyorin

Jooyoung & Hyorin

People have been quite curious about the relationship between Jooyoung and Hyorin, since they made some great collaborations together, such as “Erase,” “Love Line,” and many more. When the two of them were performing together on the stage, they successfully amazed the crowds with their incredible performance!

One of their collaboration songs, “Erase,” showed us a kind of R&B and Jazz music, and their voices also sounded very emotional. Not only that, but Jooyoung and Hyorin also presented us their chemistry through their dancing moves as a couple in the music video! Meanwhile, with the single “Love Line,” Jooyoung and Hyorin showed us their artistic side, remembering in the music video there are no dancing moves, but still, they successfully amazed us with their beautiful voices!

And also, their agency released their photoshoot together as a teaser! Through their photoshoot, we could see their fancy and cool style, and the mixture of chemistry between them! No wonder that some of the people were wondering, are they dating? Or their relation was just that of colleagues and partners in the project? And the answer is, they are just good friends with each other, and that time when Hyorin was still in Starship Entertainment, she was his sunbae, which meant Hyorin was one of Jooyoung’s seniors who had taught him a lot of things.

Let’s take a look at some of Jooyoung and Hyorin’s photoshoots!

Jooyoung & Hyorin


Hyorin & Jooyoung


Hyorin & Jooyoung


Hyorin & Jooyoung