Let’s Check Out Rapper Simon Dominic’s Daily Life in MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’



Rapper Gray made an appearance in a Simon Dominic episode of I Live Alone. Gray showed up wearing his fancy clothes, accessorizing with a necklace and a velvet outfit. Simon was throwing a party for his album release and invited some of his friends, including Gray.

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Song Preparation


Simon Dominic has been preparing for an album recently. He even did an Instagram Live while working on a new song. He had been preparing the songs until 6 in the morning.

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Simon Dominic sang on the I Live Alone Summer SpecialMAMAMOO’s Hwasa and actor Sung Hoon appeared on the show as well.

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Random Facts


Simon Dominic’s parents showed off their skills in rapping in a variety show. Simon D was practicing for his concert because he missed his time to practice. While he was practicing the song in the car with his parents, they started humming to his song and sang his rap together. His mom also knew the lyrics of his rap.

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Latest News


In March 2019, Simon D was featured in Heize’s new song, “Dispatch.” He also appeared on the stage of Heize’s showcase, promoting the song together.