10 Reasons Why You Should Watch the Korean Drama ‘Signal’


The Crime Thriller Drama Signal

We’re back again to cover the subject of drama! Have you ever heard of Signal? If you have not, let us explain it to you! Signal is one of the serial dramas from South Korea that has been released in 2016. Signal is a combination of several genres including mystery, crime, thriller, and a little bit fantasy.

The drama Signal tells the stories of some criminal cases that have occurred in South Korea, based on true stories. One of the cases was about a murder case targeting women, from children up to elderly grandmothers. It sounds really interesting, right?

In this article, Channel Korea will introduce you to the exciting drama Signal, you will feel like you’re taking a part, so enjoy it!

Signal: Crime Thriller Where The Past and Present Collide Through A Mysterious Walkie-Talkie


Basically, Signal tells the story of a detective from the past who can communicate with the present day detective through a walkie-talkie. Through the walkie-talkie transmission, both the past detective and present detective set out to solve all of the cases that haven’t been solved yet over the years.

The story starts with Park Hae-young (played by Lee Je-hoon) who has accidentally found an old walkie-talkie, and the walkie-talkie did not have a battery in it. But strangely, the walkie-talkie can still be used. Through the walkie-talkie, Park Hae-young can communicate with a detective who was known from the past, Lee Jae-han (played by Cho Jin-woong). It turns out, the walkie talkie was Lee Jae-han’s own, he was one of the senior police officers.

The walkie-talkie suddenly makes the sound of the Lee Jae-han’s voice. The strange part is, Park Hae-young heard the sound Lee Jae-han’s voice in 2015, but Lee Jae-han is sure that he is in 2000. It doesn’t really make any sense, right?

In the beginning, Park Hae-young doesn’t trust Lee Jae-han. But as the time goes by, Park Hae-young and Lee Jae-han start to trust each other, and they worked together to solve one of the murder cases, and to reduce the number of victims from the case.

Park Hae-young used his profiling skills, as well as his ability to cooperate with Lee Jae-han to solve the case. Lee Jae-han was given the information about the case through the case notes and then found the villain in his era, to save the potential victim.

Their coordination on the case was successful, the villain from the past time period were caught and that meant the future was changed. But sadly, some victims couldn’t be saved because of fate. Park Hae-young found out that Lee Jae-han was one of the police inspectors who handled a rape case in 2000, which caused Park Hae-young’s brother to go to jail, and ended up dying from wound to his wrist.

On another occasion, there was a young detective named Cha Soo-hyun (who was played by Kim Hye-soo), she was one of the ‘cold case’ team members, she has to solve all of the cases from the past that have not been solved yet. At one time, Cha Soo-hyun and Park Hae-young found a skeleton, it turns out that it was Lee Jae-han’s skeleton. This is one of the saddest scenes from the drama!

The Signal drama ended after 16 episodes. The last episode revealed to us that Park Hae-young’s brother did not die because of suicide, he was killed. Also, there’s a scene where Park Hae-young was asked about the old walkie-talkie with a police, he said that the walkie-talkie never existed. The walkie-talkie was gone mysteriously…

Well, if you want to know the entire ending of this drama, you have go watch it!


Signal’s Casts


Let’s meet the cast from the Signal serial drama!

  • Lee Je-hoon as Park Hae-young
lee je hoon

In the Signal drama, Lee Je-hoon plays Park Hae-young. He was a detective who accidentally found a strange walkie-talkie, and through that walkie-talkie, he could communicate with the senior police from the past, Lee Jae-han.

  • Kim Hye-soo as Cha Soo-hyun
Kim Hye-soo

Kim Hye-soo plays Cha Soo-hyun, a young detective that has joined the ‘cold case team’ to solve the cases that for a long time have not been solved. Cha Soo-hyun was  part of the team with Park Hae-young until they found Lee Jae-han’s skeleton together. Cha Soo-hyun also revealed in the drama that she has involved in a romance with Lee Jae-han.

  • Cho Jin-woong as Lee Jae-han
Cho Jin-woong

Lee Jae-han was the senior police from the past, actually he has already died in the past!  But strangely, he can communicate with Park Hae-young in the current time through a mysterious walkie-talkie. And also, Lee Jae-han was involved with Cha Soo-hyun romantically.

  • Jang Hyun-sung as Kim Bum-joo 
Jang Hyun-sung

Jang Hyun-sung plays Kim Bum-joo. He became a suspect of the murder of Park Sun-woo, Park Hae-young’s brother. At first people thought that Park Sun-woo committed suicide, but it turns out he was killed. Park Sun-woo’s drink was poisoned.

  • Jung Hae-kyun as Ahn Chi-soo
jung hae kyun

Jung Hae-kyun plays Ahn Chi-soo. He is also one of the senior police that worked together with Lee Jae-han. On the day of Lee Jae-han’s death, Ahn Chi-soo was there, because Lee Jae-han was killed by Ahn Chi-soo.

Signal’s Soundtracks


If you’re currently watching Signal, don’t forget to also listen to the soundtrack! Here’s some soundtracks from the Signal serial drama!

  • Reminiscence by Jang Beom June

From the title you can see that the song is about reminiscing, to be exact, about someone who already gone. And if you listen to the song and read the English translation from the lyrics, the song is about being left with someone, but it feels like that someone is still beside you.

  • The Road by Kim Yoon-ah

The Road is really suitable for when we’re walking alone on a road, just like the title! From the English translation of the lyrics, the song is about someone who thought that he or she had lost their way, and had to choose which road they have to take.

  • The One Who Will Leave by INKII

From the lyrics translation we could conclude that the song is about someone who was being left behind, but they have remained loving the person who has left them. They were separated without any warning, and have to deal with it. This is might be one of the saddest soundtrack from the Signal drama!

  • I Will Forget You by Jung Cha-shik

This is one of the most beautiful songs, if you read the lyrics! It sounds really soft and poetic, the song talks about pure love, and about someone who willing to forget everything just to find their way back home. Beautiful, isn’t it?

  • A Petal by leeSA

This song has a really beautiful yet tragic story. The petals flower was being the witness of the separation of a couple. Every time one of them saw the petals, they were reminded of the way they split up.

  • A Happy Person by Jo Dong-hee

A Happy Person also has such a beautiful meaning within the lyrics. Just as the title states, this song tells us about someone who we have known as a happy person, but sometimes they’re also felt lonely and sad.

10 Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘Signal’!


Here’s some reasons why you have to watch the serial drama Signal!

1. Interesting Prefix

In the first episodes, we could see that Park Hae-young could communicate with Lee Jae-han through a walkie talkie. Such a good story line to start, right? In the following episodes, we could see the more interesting scenes, so make sure you don’t miss it!

2. Beyond Expectations

As we could assume, a crime-thriller drama mostly cannot be guessed, this is the same as the Signal drama! We couldn’t be anticipate anything in the drama, it keeps you guessing!

3. The Strong Character

Signal has really good characters, such as Park Hae-young, Lee Jae-han, Cha Soo-hyun, Kim Bum-joo, and everyone else. Each of the characters has their own power, and could male the audience really love them or really hate them at the same time!

4. Based on True Story

As we said before Signal is based on a true story in South Korea. One of the cases in Signal came from a murder case in South Korea, where mostly women were killed mysteriously.

5. A Lot of Interesting Cases

As an detective and profiler, Park Hae-young and Lee Jae-han have to solve many cases. In each of the Signal episodes, we could see the different cases. Not only that, we could also have that adrenaline every time they have to solve an interesting case!

6. Complicated Yet Challenging

Even though Signal has a complicated story line, it does not even matter! Signal will give you a flashback to the story line so you can be up to speed.

7. Full of Thriller

For those who are looking for pure thriller-crime genre, Signal is really recommended for you! Because in Signal, there’s only a little bit romance, and the thriller-crime genre is mostly the dominant style in this drama.

8. Has a Deeper Meaning

Even though Signal is from the thriller-crime genre, there’s a lot of deeper meaning there. After watching it, you can feel the sincerity, the patience, the loyalties, and also the deep trust in Signal!

9. Unpredictable Ending

Yes, Signal has an unpredictable ending! Even if you already have the prediction for the ending, when you’re watching the last episode, you might will be really surprised! An unpredictable ending always makes the audience exasperated, right?

10. Less Gory Scenes

If you’re not really into gory scenes, don’t worry! Signal is perfect for you, because there’s only a few minor gory scenes in this show, which is good. There’s also only a few minor scary scenes such as seeing an incision wound, or a skeleton, etc.