Everything You Need To Know About SHU-I’s Profile, Discography, Stage Performances, Latest News

Shu-I’s Stage Performances

shu i kpop group profile

SHU-I is a boy group that was known when debuted as having members with handsome visuals. Not only their appearance is superior, but their music and performance are also very energetic and can attract the attention of the public as well as their fans. In addition, SHU-I also got the opportunity in their promotion schedule to attend several music shows broadcast on South Korean television and also attend radio for live broadcasts.

In this section, we are going to take a look at SHU-I’s performances!

On November 16th, 2011, SHU-I made their comeback and held a performance on MBC’s Music Core with one of their songs titled “So In Luv”. At this stage, the members looked very cheerful and funky. They also wear an outfit with a very relaxed and casual concept that shows their aura as young people. SHU-I also sang live on stage and showed off their talents well.

On September 25th, 2009, SHU-I who were still very new and had recently debuted, made their comeback on one of the music shows broadcast on television, KBS2’s Music Bank. With great power, SHU-I showed their performance with energetic choreography with costumes that show each member’s different colors by having “Bomb Bomb Bomb” on the stage. In addition, at that time, their debut performance was accompanied by several back dancers who made their appearance on the stage even crowded.

On October 26th, 2016, SHU-I did their live performance on stage which was held in a mall in Japan. As usual, SHU-I sang live and very friendly, they also greeted every fan who came to the event. The song that was delivered at that time was “Hey Girl” which was one of the tracks on their Japanese single.


Interview with SHU-I

shu i kpop group profile

SHU I, a boy 5-member rookie group, joined the fierce second half of the music industry idol war. In-seok (21 years old), Min-ho (20 years old), Hyung-jun (20 years old), Chang-hyeon (21 years old), and Jin-seok (18 years old) showed prepared talent and skills to be idols, such as a handstand, a vocal counterpart, and a bizarre expression while answering the questions of the interview that was held right after their debut in 2009. They also did another interview that was held with an online media outlet during their debut era.

“SHU-I is So Hot Union of Idols, which means very hot members gathering. In Chinese, it also means cool and handsome,” Inseok explained the identity of the group. “I wanted to inform my friends of Dongshin High School in Daejeon that I became a singer. I am so happy to be here,” The member, Inseok, raised their qualities as leaders.

In charge of the rap part, Inseok was 11 years old back then and he raised his dream of becoming a singer by singing HOT’s “We Are The Future” at a retreat, and after passing an audition in 2007, he became a leader of SHU-I after going through a trainee period of three years.

shu i kpop group profile

“Since I was a trainee, it’s been about 8 months since I joined as SHU-I. Everyone has different tastes and has a strong personality, so I was worried, but fortunately, my breathing fits well. I thought it would creak while doing camp and group life, but after a week, we quickly became friends,” Inseok said.

SHU-I’s debut single, “Bomb Bomb Bomb”, is addictive with a powerful rhythm and repetitive rhymes. The members’ powerful singing skills are also intense and stick to their ears. Like the charismatic song, their appearance with dancing and singing also attracted attention.

Jinseok, the youngest member, said, “I dare say that I’m strong in vocal mimics even though I do it all.” The audience laughed and he started mimicking Yoon Moon-sik’s vocal mimics. The members said that Jin-seok is a talented person and said, “I’m the Seoul National Art University’s senior scholarship student.”

shu i kpop group profile

“As each individual has a different personality, they are filling each other’s shortcomings. Like a beautiful born, I’m in the charge of teaching the members about the best angle of the face while practicing and the youngest Jinseok dances like a professional dancer. But when 5 people sleep together in one room, the funny thing is even underwear is sometimes changing places or disappears,” SHU-I’s Hyungjun said.

“I experienced the mistakes I could make during the rehearsal, the debut stage was finished safely. However, I feel like I have become a person when I met my members who encouraged me to watch the broadcast well around me. I’m happy because I’m a man,” Changhyun said.

They also showed strong loyalty while living in a dorm together. “We wrote our own contract. If there is a member who betrays and stands alone in the middle of the activity, he will give out his wrist. I also signed the contract by stabbing my thumb with a needle. The goal is to become an idol with a long life,” Minho shared the funny story of living life as an idol.

shu i kpop group profile

Throughout the interview, laughter didn’t go away, but when SHU-I said their own aspirations, their eyes started showing hope, “It may be a simple wish, but we will focus on making our name more known. Please support us.”

SHU-I started as a fresh handsome idol group. However, they also revealed their desire to become talented musicians rather than be famous for their appearance. “I’m grateful to be called a handsome man, but we will try to keep our music from getting buried in appearance. I have to take vocal lessons hard and sweat more. And if there is an opportunity, I would like to challenge my interests in entertainment, musicals, and acting,” Jinseok, as the youngest member shared.

And they have another goal. It is to become a long-lived group. “There are a lot of singers who appear, flash, and disappear for a while, and we want to be a group loved for a long time like god. And all five will be united to the end. We will also be enlisted in the military service.”

That was the interview session for SHU-I when they had just made their debut with the song “Bomb Bomb Bomb”. Of course, as members of an idol group they hope that their careers in the entertainment industry can shine even more. With their chemistry and closeness, you can say that SHU-I has good teamwork because they can share funny stories inside their dorm.

SHU-I’s Latest News

shu i kpop group profile

On August 16th, 2015, a piece of news about the male idol group SHU-I being disbanded was issued. On the official website, SHU-I announced, “SHU-I will officially disband and the members Inseok, Changhyun, and Minho will join the military next year.”

The agency added, “The three people are hoping to work in Japan after serving in the military.” The agency also added that future activities will be announced later. The remaining member Jinseok is discussing whether to work in Japan.

In this regard, Inseok said, “The five years of activities in Japan from 2010 to 2015 were a happy and difficult time. When I thought, ‘Is it better to quit now?’ I cheered myself up, saying, ‘Never give up.’ Everything is a memory and a valuable experience that cannot be bought with money.”

He also mentioned another activity plan, saying, “Inseok, Changhyun, and Minho are starting a new group in Japan two years later, so please watch with warm eyes.”

Changhyun also explained, “I will be enlisted in the military, which is the duty of a Korean man, but after my military service is over, I will come to Japan again. I am sorry that Hyunjun and Jinseok will challenge a new path, but I would like to respect and support their opinions.”

Jinseok, who has left the team and is planning another activity, said, “I am so sad and full of sorry. The time of 6 years slows down really quickly. For me, SHU-I made me become a proud person who has changed his life. In the future, each member of each activity although the form is different, I will continue to support each other,” he confessed.

On the other hand, SHU-I debuted in 2009, but did not achieve much in the domestic market. Since then, they have been working in Japan as their main stage to promote.

Well, we have reached the end of the detailed information about SHU-I: their debut era and how they could penetrate Japan to keep promoting there. Even though they rarely release Korean singles, SHU-I’s existence can still be considered as a successful idol group from South Korea because since their debut they have stolen the attention of many people with their beautiful appearance and also skills to be a good performer.

SHU-I also always has comebacks with very energetic choreography and shows their vocals live when on stage. Even though SHU-I have been disbanded, it’s good for us to continue to provide support so that each member has a good and bright career in the future!