Let’s Have a Throwback to the Time People Were Shipping JYJ’s Jaejoong with Jessica Jung!

What About Their Relationship Now?

Their relationship now is unknown, as well, since both Jaejoong and Jessica ve left their groups and aren’t really active in the entertainment industry like they used to be. There is a possibility that they are still in contact with each other.

The Painful Faith Between Them, What Is It?


On May 19, 2016, Jessica released her solo single album, ‘With Love, J’, with the tittle track ‘Fly’. But her bright music video was not accepted by one of Korean television channels, KBS. A report from Nate News on May 18, 2016, said that Jessica’s song Fly was banned from being aired at KBS.

The reason KBS gave didn’t make sense, they said that Fly by Jessica looked like a walking commercial. In the music video, Jessica mentions some famous car brands, including Ford. A Crown Victoria was also mentioned in the song lyrics.

Many people speculated that Jessica’s fate was the same as that of her senior, JYJ, including Jaejoong. The trio group was a fractional group of TVXQ, and the remaining two members, Yun ho and Changmin, are still in SM Entertainment. Three other members, Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu separated themselves from the company that already made their name big, back in 2010.


The group split created a rift between SM Entertainment and the JYJ members. JYJ got sabotaged and it was difficult for the group to appear in public. SM Entertainment used their influence to talk to the Association Pop Culture and Korean Music Industry to prevent JYJ from appearing at the television. The company even demanded that Warner Music Korea stop the distribution of JYJ albums.

As with JYJ, Jessica’s drama about her departure from Girl’s Generation also once became a hot topic. In 2014. Jessica left her group and chose to become a designer of her own fashion line, called BLANC & ECLAIR.

After a while, Jessica decided to come back and continue her career in the music industry. Jessica, who missed singing, released a solo album. The scene when Jessica left from one of the biggest agencies in Korea, is similar to what happened with JYJ.


Apparently, Jessica also experienced difficulty about being able to perform on Korean television. Jessica’s fans were talking about this matter on social media, They all gave her a lot of support by writing a hashtag, hoping that Jessica could still win on music shows, even without performing live.

A fan said, “Coridel Entertainment, the agency who is taking care of Jessica had promoted her at Inkigayo. But, I’m not sure she was allowed to perform. ” another one commented, “Jessica could still win even though she cant perform her song live“.

So what do you think about Jessica and Jaejoong’s relationship? Do you believe the rumor that they have dated before, or maybe you still feel skeptical about it. Share your thoughts in the comments section below and don’t forget to like this article, as well.