Let’s Have a Throwback to the Time People Were Shipping JYJ’s Jaejoong with Jessica Jung!

jyj jaejoong snsd jessica ship

Meet the Legendary 2nd Generation Vocalists, Jaejoong and Jessica!

A vocalist position in K-pop group is the most important because without them, a group will not have their own unique style and it will be difficult to become popular in the future. Without a great vocalist there is no identity that helps the group become well known by the public.

The 2nd generation K-pop acts are known for their unique and amazing vocalists, especially those who come from SM. Some of them include the ex-member of DBSK (now known as TVXQ), Jaejoong, and Girl’s Generation ex-member and main vocalist, Jessica Jung. Since they both have golden voices and other similarities, some fans began to ship them as a couple.

Today let’s find out if it’s true that Jaejoong and Jessica are a real pairing couple or not.

Rumor About Jaejoong and Jessica’s Relationship

jyj jaejoong snsd jessica ship

Back in 2009, Korean netizens, SONE (Girl’s Generation fans), and Cassiopeia (DBSK/TVXQ fans) started saying that Jessica and Jaejoong were dating. They tried to assemble proof through photos and video sthat were taken in various places and at particular moments.

Now let’s find out what kind of evidence netizens and fans gathered, and take a look at the proof.

Couple Rings

Couple rings are a common thing in Korea, especially when they begin  a relationship. Not only local citizens, celebrities often wear them secretly without their fans knowing about it. As for Jessica and Jaejoong, they were spotted wearing couple rings.

They wore them often, whether during a variety show or at awards events that they attend. Many fans don’t agree with this ‘proof’, mainly Cassiopeia think that the rings are only accessories during performances. They even called out some people, saying they were delusional and making this a big deal.

Here are the pictures of the rings for you:

snsd jessica jung and tvxq jaejoong dating scandal
snsd jessica jung and tvxq jaejoong dating scandal

A Bouquet of Flowers from Jaejoong?

In 2008, TVXQ won on Music Bank. At that time, Girls Generation were also performing, and were standing right behind the male group. Before, while making a thank-you speech, some members including Jaejoong, were holding flower bouquets in their hands.


Jaejoong handed his flower bouquet to Jessica, who was standing a few feet behind him. She looked surprised and thrilled at first.

snsd jessica jung and tvxq jaejoong dating scandal
snsd jessica jung and tvxq jaejoong dating scandal

She smiled and swiftly gave the flower bouquet back to Jaejoong for the encore stage at the end of the show.


Here is video of the moment when Jaejoong gives his flower bouquet to Jessica, check it out below:

A Picture of Them Together?

There is also a picture that was uploaded on Naver blog, which many fans speculated was of Jaejoong and Jessica. They were standing beside each other in an unknown place, but the most likely possibility was in the hotel where they secretly met each other.

THere are the picture proof:


From the evidence that’s been gathered,there are two possibilities; either Jessica and Jaejoong were dating each other and hid their relationship from the public, or it was all about their junior and senior relationship. At the end, we still don’t know the truth.

But even if they were dating, as fans we should support and be happy for them, right? So let’s just wait and see, if all this scandal is true or false.