Learn More About SHINee’s Min-ho’s Moments in ‘Running Man’

Episode 254 (as the Final Gatekeeper)


Girls Generation appeared as special guests in this episode of Running Man. The race name “The Game World”, and the show was broadcast on July 5, 2015. There were game rules about how to try to escape, but one thing was for sure: things got downright dirty really quickly, and some layers were peeled.

Seven ladies weren’t the only ones to be transported into this strange world—so were the guests, SNSD or Girls’ Generation: Taeyeon, Yoon-ah, Soo-young, Hyo-yeon, Tiffany, Sunny, Yuri, and Seo-hyun.


PD Nim explained the game, how they were to escape from being trapped in The World Game, and that they needed to clear every stage in order to return to reality. The group was already divided into teams: Yellow (Gary, Soo-young, Yoon-ah), Orange (Haha, Yuri, Tiffany), Pink (Jong-kook, Seo-hyun, Taeyeon), Green (Jae-suk, Kwang-soo, Hyo-yeon), and Blue (Suk-jin, Ji-hyo, Sunny).

Their first game drew its influence from Pac-Man. One team had to battle the other teams at various obstacles in order to get to the finish line in the mudflat. The fastest team would win, and the top two teams would snatch up hints. Unable to move, the Yellow and Orange teams grabbed the top two spots.


All the teams moved to the next locations for the second game, which was another nostalgic game: Wall Tetris. The teams had duke it out to grab the flying Tetris pieces and fill their “screens.” at the end of this second game, Tiffany was one step too late in grabbing the piece her team needed, which Jong-kook gave up, anyway. That’s how the Orange Team snags second place.

Then, they were rushed to the next location for finale stage, which was to take place at an expensive mall, where each team had to find four barcodes to crack the code and escape. The teams were told that a certain “Angel Code” would try to beat them to their escape, and they were Masked Men who were patrolling each floor.


Something, or rather, someone, else was moving on a different floor—Tuxedo Mask, who had a handsome, was Shinee’s Minho.

The Tuxedo Mask Man approached SNSD’s Soo Young, whose fear barely settled in before she ducked down moments before her masked opponent approached her. She kicked him away before calling him out by name, “Hey Choi Minho!”

 Shinee’s Minho was on the Running Man staff side in this episode. He played the “Angel’s Code Leader” who was catching all the Running Man teams and ripping their name tags. Minho ripped off Sunny’s name tag before she even registered who it was, and then he eliminated Tiffany. He stopped for a water break with his VJ, assuring him that it would all be over soon.

Having wasted a little time, Minho blew past Yoon-ah to catch up to Gary, and eliminated him in seconds. Then he walked right past Yoon-ah. As it turned out, the cube spelled out her name, and all the enemies had been walking right past her the entire time. Yoon-ah slipped past Yuri and, at the same time, signed onto the computer and registered the “barcode” on her wrist, to essentially win the game.


Minho did a great job in this race, even though he lost to the Running Man teams. Good job flower boy, Minho!

Episode 323


Shinee’s Minho come back to Running Man with other actors and actress guests. The episode featured Kim Jun-hyun, Seo Ji-hye, Min Ho, Jang Do-yeon, and Yang Se-chan. They were participating on the Running Man episode that was broadcast on October 30, 2016, with the race name: “Avatar House Race”, and was been shot in Paju, Gyeonggi-do- South Korea.

PD Nim gave the Running Man members the first mission: to use their avatars to find a specific hidden chair. The avatars ran around the set, and though Gary and Suk Jin found the chair, four guys hauled the item back to their starting point. They were also given earphones for guessing the voice in the earphone, and the owner of the voice would be their partner.


The voice in Haha’s ear was comedian Kim Joon yun, who is a familiar face around these parts. Ji hyo was the voice in Kwang-soo’s ear, and Jong-kook greeted his voice, comedienne Jang Do-yeon. Comedian Yang Se-chan was the voice in Suk jin’s ear, and then SHINee’s Minho popped his head out, with grey hair.

Entitled “Avatar House,” the race started off with each team selecting two out of twelve available briefcases. One briefcase contained gold bars, two others held ‘esplosives,  and the rest were empty. They had chances to exchange briefcases throughout the day, but the teams who were in possession of the explosives at the end would face punishment.


During the race in this episode, Minho partnered with Gary. Both of them were competitive and lacked members. In a simple way, they just got upset if they thought they were about to lose. That made them the perfect partners as a master and avatar. Jong-kook said, “If [Min-ho] loses one more time, he’ll flip his lid.”