SHINee’s Key and Jong-hyun’s Bromance Will Make You Jealous Of Their Close Relationship

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Find Out More About Key and Jonghyun’s Friendhsip for Each Other

Key and Jonghyun are members of the Korean boy band SHINee. The group was formed by the biggest Korean entertainment company, SM Entertainment. SHINee gained attention for their music, songs, and fashion style.

Among SHINee’s five members, the group’s fans have noticed that Key and Jonghyun were always close with each other, both on and off the stage. They took care of each other while performing on the stage and living together in their dormitory. Fans are curious and envious about their bromance, and wished them to continue their caring for each other. Sadly and tragically, Jonghyun passed away in December 2017, and left Key and the other SHINee members feeling his great loss.

In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about SHINee’s Key and Jonghyun’s bromance and their close relationship. So stay tuned!

During Trainee and Dorm Life

In their early debut days, SHINee made promotional videos for their latest singles. Each of SHINee’s members were given a chance to speak and to deliver some information. Jonghyun, as the leader, stood at the center of the group. When it was Key’s turn to deliver the message, Jonghyun stared at Key with a very warm look. It was as if Key was the most beautiful flower in the world. Jonghyun looked at him with evident fondness.

During Concerts

While performing on the stage with the other SHINee members, Key never hesitated to show his bromance and affection for Jonghyun. If they were paired in choreography and faced each other, Key grabbed Jonghyun’s collar and shook it wildly as if he was cheering Jonghyun. Jonghyun was visibly happy and moved by Key’s action. He couldn’t hide his wide smile, and continued with the performance.

Every time they were close to each other on the stage, both Key and Jonghyun moved their faces toward each other as if they were about to kiss. Perhaps they wanted to tease their fans, or perhaps it was a way to show that they are very close with each other.

Sometimes, either Key and Jonghyun hugged each other during the performance break. The brotherly love was always visible when they were around each other. In one scene, Key was trying hard to hold his tears on the stage. Perhaps he was moved by the love and attention that SHINee fans gave during concert. As the leader of SHINee and the closest friend of Key, Jonghyun patted Key’s back and hugged him.

During A Birthday Celebration

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On September 14, 2017,  Key proudly showed a special birthday present that he received from fellow SHINee member and his close friend-brother, Jonghyun. On his Instagram account, Key captioned, “From him who loves me very much <3 @jonghyun.948. Oh my God! Jonghyun Brother, You did it again!” Key placed the hashtag #cartier at the end of his comment, alongside a picture of his luxury birthday present from Jonghyun. It appeared that Key received a fancy bracelet from the famous jewelry maker, Cartier.

Keen SHINee fans immediately looked for the details on the bracelet, and found out the price of the fancy accessory. It appeared that the bracelet, a Juste Un Clou, was worth around 8,750,000 KRW, or approximately $7,300. After Key flaunted his fancy birthday present, the hashtag #Young&Rich started trending on Twitter in Korea. Most of the fans and followers commented that Jonghyun must be a big spender. He was surely a young and rich man. They criticized him for spending a huge sum of money only as a birthday gift. It seemed that $7,300 for Jonghyun was $70 for normal people


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Backstage, while they were waiting for their time to perform or while they were resting, Key and Jonghyun were always close. Sometimes, Jonghyun put his head on Key’s shoulder or put his head on Key’s lap.

While they were shooting variety shows, they were always standing next to each other. Sometimes they were holding hands and taking care of each other’s outer appearance.

During On-stage Interaction

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On the stage, Key and Jonghyun always found each other and looked for each other. They were never too far apart when on stage. Whenever they greeted the fans on the stage, Key and Jonghyun were always seen embracing and hugging each other. Sometimes, Jonghyun would hold Key’s head towards him and looked him warmly in the eyes.

On the stage, many times Key and Jonghyun hugged each other. On one occasion, Jonghyun bit Key’s hand when Key hugged him from behind. They were also seen blowing kisses to each other when performing.

That was all the information about SHINee’s Jonghyun and Key’s bromance and close relationship. The two of them must have cared for each other very well. Sadly, Jonghyun left Key in such a tragic manner.

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