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Undergoing Military Obligation, SHINee’s Onew Writes Touching Letters for Fans!


Today, Monday (12/10/2018) is a pretty hard day for SHINee World or Shawol (as SHINee’s fans), because, their group leader, Onew, will officially start the mandatory military service.

Before leaving for his military service, Onew said goodbye to his fans. Not through a fanmeeting or live streaming, Onew said goodbye to his fans through a number of photos, videos, and a handwritten letter.

In his letter, Onew said that he would take a break from his life as an idol. The ‘Blue’ singer considers his mandatory military term and hiatus to be a moment to make himself better.

“Are you all right? I will take a break. I’m sorry, and you may be disappointed, but please consider this rest period as a moment of preparation for me to show a better version of me to you,” Onew wrote at the beginning of his letter. as quoted by Soompi.

Through his letter, Onew reminded fans to maintain health. He promised he would sing again for fans after carrying out his duty to his country.

“More than anything, your health is the most important. I will pray that everyone is always healthy and happy. I will continue singing, so please bring up my “Voice “(Onew’s solo album) again if you think of me,” Onew ordered. “I will come back and say hello to you again. Thank you very much. We will definitely meet again,” concluded Onew.

Onew will serve as an active soldier while serving military service. He is scheduled to be discharged on July 20, 2020. While leaving the idol, SHINee’s fans can listen to “Voice”. It was Onew’s first solo mini album which was released on December 5, 2018. The album was deliberately released by Onew as a gift for fans before he left for military service.