Get to Know More about SHINee Onew’s Sexual Harassment Incident

SHINee’s Members and Their Scandals

Among the various achievements of the culprits, the world of entertainment is almost always peppered with scandals and negative news. SM Entertainment’s Boy-group, SHINee is one of the groups that has been hit by scandals. Here are some scandals that have involved SHINee’s members.

Plastic Surgery

Like other K-Pop idols, SHINee isn’t without rumors of plastic surgery. The main rapper and visual of SHINee, Minho, was suspected of having nose surgery in 2009. At that time, Minho’s photos before and after the surgery were circulated in cyberspace. Then, in 2011, the nose of the main dancer and youngest member of SHINee, Taemin, who was only 17 years old, was considered a little changed by netizens. His previously curved nose became straighter and more sharp.


Jonghyun’s Dating Scandal


Shin Se-kyung and Jonghyun’s relationship first became known when photos of ththem walking around Shin Se-kyung’s house circulated on the internet in October 2010. At the time, neither of their agencies denied the news that they were dating, but Jonghyun and Shin Se-kyung broke up in June, 2011.


Onew’s Middle Finger


On March 18, 2013, SHINee’s leader, Onew, and other members were guest stars on the ‘Younha Starry Night’ program. At that time the camera was not highlighting Onew, but from the left side of the screen a hand that shows a middle finger appeared. From the sleeve that was also visible, the hand was belonged to Onew. Criticism flowed from netizens.

SHINee’s Leader, Onew’s Dating Scandal

Netizen Buzz

Still in the same year and month, March, 2013, Onew was reportedly dating After School leader’s, Jung-ah. They were rumored to have been dating for a year. The news came from a Korean news portal, Kuki News. They also published photos of Onew and Jung-ah alone in a car and in a restaurant. Both agencies denied the rumors.

Accused of Plagiarism


SHINee’s latest song, ‘Dream Girl’, is accused of being the result of plagiarism from the song by Luis Miguel ‘Vuelve’. Luis Miguel is a Mexican singer who has won 5 Grammy awards throughout his career, since he was 11 years old. While ‘Vuelve’ is one of the singles from his 25th album, titled ’33’. Even so, SHINee’s agency, SM Entertainment, denied the accusations and stated that the song was purely the result of the creation of a producer from SM Entertainment.

Dispatch Released a Detailed Breakdown of Onew’s Sexual Harassment Incident

SHINee’s leader, Onew, was involved in legal matters as a result of committing sexual abuse. The event took place at a nightclub south of Seoul, South Korea, on August 12, 2017. at around 07:10 local time. Onew was later arrested by police at the scene, after a friend of the victim called the police.

To the police, Onew admitted visiting the nightclub with his friends. The 27-year-old man admitted that he did not remember the incident alleged to him because he was too drunk at the time. Dispatch, a South Korean entertainment site, then released the chronology of the incident, on Sunday (08/13/2017).

At 5:30 local time, Onew and his 5 non-celebrity friends entered the ‘D’ Club in the Gangnam area, Seoul, South Korea. A witness with the initial B said, “I heard that it was his friend’s birthday. Onew ordered 2 bottles of champagne and drank them with his friends. They then danced and had fun at the club.” After drinking one bottle of champagne, Onew, according to witnesses, had begun to look drunk.

At 6:30 a.m. local time, Onew was seen almost unconscious and fell due to losing his balance. That’s when, according to witness B, he held on to the victim’s leg. The witness said the victim was angry at Onew and said, “Why did you touch me?” One of Onew’s friends then responded to the victim’s anger by saying, “I apologize. But he didn’t do it intentionally. He was very drunk.”

At 06.50 local time, SHINee’s leader was no longer able to stand up. He then tried to sit on the table and hold the victim’s leg once again. To Dispatch, Club ‘D’ staff revealed, “At that time, the victim was hanging out on the stage right on Onew’s desk. That’s why he kept bumping into her.” The statement was strengthened by witness B who stated, “Onew can’t even stand up. He grabs A’s leg while sitting. I think he thinks (foot) is a pole.”

At 07.00 local time, the victim felt this time Onew touched her intentionally, even though his friend apologized and stated that the previous two incidents were accidents. The victim then called the police and reported the incident as sexual harassment.

At the scene of the crime, police questioned Onew to determine whether he claimed to have committed the abuse. But he was unable to communicate because he was drunk. Witness B stated, “He could not answer the police question at all.”

At 7:40 local time, Onew, victim, witness B, and club staff headed to the police station. At the police station, the victim told the police, “Onew touched my body twice at different times.” Witness B explained, “Onew was basically unconscious because he was too drunk. He could not even answer the police question correctly. His friend said the incident was just a misunderstanding. While I was, it only explained what I saw.”

SHINee Onew’s Controversy in the Drama ‘Age of Youth 2’ After the Scandal


Netizens demanded that JTBC expel Onew from the drama ‘Age of Youth 2′. According to netizens’ requests, Onew decided to resign from the drama. This news was confirmed on Wednesday (08/16/2017).

SM Entertainment, as Onew’s agency, announced that SHINee’s leader chose to resign after discussing it with the production team. This decision was arrived at because Onew did not want his case to have a negative effect on the drama ‘Age of Youth 2’.

“Onew’s departure from this series has been confirmed after discussions with production staff of ‘Age of Youth 2’,” said SM Entertainment, as reported by Soompi.

But a slightly different statement was issued by JTBC. The TV station that produced ‘Age of Youth 2’ denied that Onew’s departure from their series had been confirmed. But shortly after arguing, JTBC finally confirmed Onew’s departure from the drama, which also starred Kim Min-suk.

Although confirming that Onew had left ‘Age of Youth 2’, JTBC said they still had not made a decision about the fate of Onew’s character. To be sure, at the time they still hadn’t decided to look for Onew’s replacement.

“Onew will leave this drama project. However, we still have not made any decisions about the replacement or what will happen in the future. We will release an official statement once we make a decision about the replacement,” said the JTBC representative.

JTBC’s current position is indeed not easy. In addition to the deadline for ‘Age of Youth 2’ which was already in sight, on August 25, filming had also begun a few weeks previously. Scenes involving Onew had already been filmed.

On the other side, the decision to leave Onew out from ‘Age of Youth 2’ was a further impact of a case of alleged sexual abuse that blackened the 27-year-old idol’s name. Onew was accused of harassing a woman when he was drunk at a nightclub in Gangnam last weekend.

The witnesses of this case stated that Onew only held the victim’s leg, drunk, because he thought it was a pillar. Onew himself was said to have apologized to the victim when he realized his carelessness. Even so, the case will now be transferred to the prosecutor’s office for further processing.

SHINee’s Onew Released a Handwritten Letter on SHINee’s Official Website

If you remember, last August, 2017, SHINee’s leader, Onew, was involved in allegations of sexual harassment, where the problem had ended and the reporter revoked the lawsuit. Since then, SHINee’s leader has chosen to do self-introspection.

Onew spoke up through a post on SHINee’s official website. In his handwriting, the idol seemed to express an apology to many who were shocked and disappointed at the case that happened to him.

“Hello. This is Onew.

I really apologize for disappointing fans who love and support me because of the bad news that appears. As long as I am on a four-month hiatus from activities, I realize that I have made you so disappointed even though you already want to love me who is in short supply, and I really hate and blame myself.

I was really worried how I should apologize and what words I should choose. I feel sorry to have surprised everyone and not write anything down, so finally I wrote this, even though it was quite late.

With the more love and attention I receive, I should be more responsible for my personal life too, and I really apologize for being disappointed.Through this letter, I want to apologize deeply to the members who have worked hard with me for nine years, and I also apologize once again to my parents and company staff who must have been surprised by the news about me.

I will continue to introspect myself and will always be more disciplined with myself and try harder. I promise that in the future, whether public or private, I will strive to be someone who is worthy of being a SHINee’s member.

From, Onew,” Onew wrote as reported by Soompi.

Because the problem was over, many fans gave support to Onew. But there are still quite a number of Korean netizens who are still disappointed with him.


SHINee’s Onew Confirmed Soon to Enter Military Compulsory as an Active Army


One by one, SHINee’s members will immediately start taking part in military service. As is known, South Korea still requires adult men to take part in military service as active soldiers, police, and public service officers.

Recently, SM Entertainment confirmed that one of their foster idols will enter military service. SM Entertainment confirms that SHINee’s first member will soon be on the warden is SHINee’s Leader, Onew.

Onew was confirmed to be undergoing military service as an active soldier on December 10, 2018. Unfortunately the singer of the song “Lucifer” does not want to divulge the location and time of his military service later.

“Onew wants to enter military service secretly,” said SM Representative. “We will respect his wishes by not disclosing the location or the time to enter the military service. And there is no separate place for separation from the military service.”

Born in 1989, Onew is the oldest member and leader in the SHINee’s boy-group. The group debuted in 2008 under SM Entertainment and celebrated 10 years of debut some time ago. Celebrating 10 years, SHINee released 3 new title tracks, “Good Evening”, “I Want You”, and “Our Page”.

Many netizens were sad and prayed for Onew to undergo military service. There are also those who do not think that Onew will go to military service faster than imagined.

“Super Junior has all been conscripted. And now it’s SHINee’s time. I will miss him very much huhu,” said one netter. “I think he will go next year. Come back safely and well. I hope we can meet him again before leaving (Military service),” added another.

“I know this time will come soon but I’m still not ready huhu. Stay healthy, Jinki (Onew’s Real name) , Shawol will be waiting for you,” continued a netter. “Even though I know that conscription will come soon, it’s still difficult for me. I have to get used to it. I hope Jinki will stay healthy because this is important for me huhu.”