Shinee Member’s Ideal Type of Woman


What are the Criteria of SHINee’s Ideal Type?

SHINee, one of the boybands under SM Entertainment, has gained so much popularity after they released their song “Lucifer” in 2010, and even more after they released their song “Sherlock” in 2012. SHINee, which debuted in 2008 with 5 members, Onew,Key, Minho, Jonghyun, and Taemin, has captured a lot of fans’ hearts, and of course everyone is curious about the criteria for Shinee’s  ideal type. But as time passes, their ideal type of woman keeps changing, and it is a must for fans to know the current ideal type for their idols. Even better if the criteria can be as specific as possible.

SHINee’s Ideal Type 2017

Being one of the big K-pop idol groups, questions regarding girlfriends and marriage will always be asked. SHINee members are also often asked about their ideal type, whether it is during interviews, talk shows, or variety shows. So here are the updated SHINee compilations for you!

1. SHINee Onew’s Ideal Type 2017


Onew, the leader of SHINee, revealed his ideal type. He would like to have a girlfriend who can understand him wholeheartedly. He wants someone who can understand him without explaining, someone that can relate to him heart to heart. For Onew, the most important thing is that his ideal type should be someone who he can be happy with. He doesn’t like someone who whines, but instead someone who smiles a lot. It would be better if she has a lot of aegyo and cheerful expression. Someone who can sing well is definitely his ideal type.


As for appearance, a pretty face doesn’t really matter to him, as long as she looks beautiful when she smiles. He likes someone who has a cute aura. As for hair, he prefers his ideal type to have short hair instead of long. Onew also revealed that he prefers to get married when he is around 35 years old. So are you willing to wait?

Onew, during his return as a guest in “1 of 1”, also mentioned that his ideal type actually changes every day and that it makes him confused sometimes. He mentioned during the interview before the variety show recording, that his ideal type is TWICE’s Tzuyu, but during the recording, instead of Tzuyu, Onew said that “TWICE member Nayeon is my ideal type”. A bit embarrassed, Onew replied that, “It is better that my ideal type is changing frequently than for my girlfriend to be changing frequently”.

2. SHINee Minho’s Ideal Type 2017


The SHINee visual, Minho, no doubt is almost every girl’s dream boyfriend, but to be Minho’s ideal type is actually not that easy. Minho revealed that he doesn’t care much about looks and appearance, but he looks more to a girl’s personality. He likes someone who he can talk to and communicate wellwith, someone who can concentrate fully when he is talking, someone who is a really good listener. He wants his ideal girl to be not only a good listener, but also someone who he can joke around with, because he wants to be happy around her. Minho also mentioned that he likes someone who will think of him every time even if he is super busy with work, someone who cares about him, and someone who can cook for him, perhaps yukgaejang (Minho’s favorite food).


As for his ideal type’s look, someone who is beautiful when she wears a flowing dress. He also prefers someone who has long, untouchable hair and pretty, smiley eyes. That would be enough. He would also like his ideal type to look natural rather than putting a lot of makeup on. So, if you want to become Minho’s ideal type, be prepared to dress more natural!


Minho also revealed his ideal type during an interview in KBS 2 TV “Entertainment Weekly” program. He mentioned that he likes a girl who works hard at her job. For Minho, someone who has passion for her profession, has a lot of charm. During an interview for Cosmopolitan Magazine, Minho was also asked about his ideal type and he revealed that he likes someone who is open and cheerful, someone who he can feel relieved around and someone who can be happy even when he is tired and upset because of work. He wants to be happy just by seeing her or by being next to her. His ideal type should also be someone who is tolerant towards other people and has self-confidence.

3. SHINee Taemin’s Ideal Type 2017


Being the youngest among SHINee members doesn’t mean that Taemin is going to get married last. All SHINee members agree that Taemin will be the first SHINee member who gets married, but what is actually Taemin’s ideal type?

As for his ideal type’s look, Taemin likes someone with beautiful eyes, double eye lids and big eyes is a must. He also likes someone with long untouchable hair who  has the same fashion sense as he does.


It is normal for every man to want his ideal type to have good personality, and so does Taemin. He wants his ideal type to be someone who is kind, warm, and generous towards others. Not only that, he likes someone who can take responsibility and be honest. For Taemin, he wants to be the special person for his girl. He wants her to be mean to other guys but kind to him alone. He also wants someone who can take courage and be brave even though she is shy.

taemin neun

During his appearance in a TV program, he also revealed that he doesn’t want to go out with a celebrity. He wants to date an ordinary person and have an ordinary date with her. For him, a beautiful mind matters more than just a beautiful face. After joining WGM (We Got Married) with Apink’s Son Na Eun, Taemin said that his thought about marriage have changed. He started to think that marriage is a good thing and he wants to get married as soon as he finds his girl. So, you need to hurry before Taemin falls for another girl out there!