SHINee Members’ Full Profile (Real Names, Ages, Birthdays, Religions, Weights and Popularity Ranking)

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All About SHINee

SHINee is a South Korean boy group formed by SM Entertainment in 2008. The group consists of 5 members (Onew, Jonghyun, Minho, Key, and Taemin) and they made their debut successfully on 2008 with the title song ‘Replay’. SHINee gained public attention at their debut time for their amazing performance. Also, their participation on ‘Boys Over Flowers’ in 2009 with the song ‘Stand By Me’ was really remarkable and became more popular after the drama’s popularity boomed. They became known world wide with the song ‘Lucifer’ in 2010. SHINee is popular for their dance performance and ballad songs.

SHINee is not only popular as a whole group, but each of SHINee’s members are unique and popular in their own way. Let’s check out SHINee’s group information and member profiles.

SHINee Group Information

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SHINee Fandom Name : SHAWOL

SHINee Official Fan Color : Pearl Aqua

SHINee Official Accounts :

@shinee | shinee | SHINee Channel | shinee.smtown | SHINee

Profile and Facts  About SHINee Tofu Leader, Onew

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Stage Name : Onew

Birth Name : Lee Jin Ki

Nickname : Leader Onew, Dubu (Tofu), Onewhan, Ontokki

Position : Leader, Lead Vocalist

Origin : Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Birthday : December 14, 1989

Zodiac Sign : Sagittarius

Height : 178 cm

Weight : 61 kg

Blood Type : O

Social Media : @skehehdanfdldi | @dlstmxkakwldrl

Official Color : Green

Fanclub : MVP

Facts :

  1. Among SHINee member, Onew has bad stamina.
  2. Before debuting with SHINee in 2008, he trained with S.M. Entertainment for 2 years.
  3. During SHINee’s reality show ‘Hello Baby’, he chose chicken rather than Yoogeun because chicken has already been with him for 20 years.
  4. During a fansign, he once forgot how to sign his name.
  5. When he enrolled in SM Academy, it cost him about 50 million won.
  6. He thinks Minho is a manga character.

Profile and Facts About Eternity SHINee Bling Bling, Jonghyun

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Stage Name : Jonghyun

Birth Name : Kim Jong Hyun

Nickname : Bling Bling Jonghyun, Dino

Position : Main Vocalist

Origin : Seoul, South Korea

Birthday : April 8, 1990

Passed Away : December 18, 2017

Zodiac Sign : Aries

Height : 174 cm

Weight : 58 kg

Blood Type : O

Social Media : @jonghyun.948 | @realjonghyun90

Official Color : Blue

Fanclub : Blingers


  1. Jonghyun declared himself as the President of fanclub Taeminst.
  2. He got cast by SM worker at a band competition.
  3. He likes to remove his cloth when he’s sleeping.
  4. Among SHINee members, he and Taemin have performed on Immortal Song 2.
  5. He gave Key a ring for a birthday present.
  6. Jonghyun is the second member to have a solo debut after Taemin.
  7. Jonghyun committed suicide in his apartment on December 18th 2017 because of depression for long time.

Profile and Facts About SHINee Almighty, Key

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Stage Name : Key

Birth Name : Kim Ki Bum

Nickname : Almighty Key, KimKey, Key Umma (Mother Key)

Position : Leader Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist

Origin : Daegu, South Korea

Birthday : September 23, 1991

Zodiac Sign : Libra

Height : 181 cm

Weight : 59 kg

Blood Type : B

Social Media : @bumkeyk

Official Color : Pink

Fanclub : Lockets

Facts :

  1. When all members lived at the dorm together, he was in charge of cooking.
  2. He often get protests from other members because he took too much time cleaning the rice.
  3. He once had a big fight with Minho and became awkward for 2 years.
  4. He got a ring for a birthday present from Jonghyun.
  5. Among SHINee members, Key is the best at speaking Japanese.

Profile and Facts About SHINee Flaming Charisma, Minho

minho sg2018

Stage Name : Minho

Birth Name : Choi Minho

Nickname : Flaming Charisma Minho, Frog Prince Minho

Position : Main Rapper, Vocalist, Visual, Face of the Group

Origin : Incheon, South Korea

Birthday : December 9, 1991

Zodiac Sign : Sagittarius

Height : 184 cm

Weight : 60 kg

Blood Type : B

Official Color : Orange

Fanclub : Flames

Facts :

  1. He once had a big fight with Key and became awkward for 2 years.
  2. He is the most ambitious member in SHINee.
  3. He likes to remove his cloth when he’s sleeping.
  4. Among SHINee members, Minho was really close to Yoogeun during SHINee’s reality show ‘Hello Baby’.
  5. Among SHINee members, Minho is the worst at speaking Japanese.

Profile and Facts About SHINee Powerful, Maknae Taemin

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Stage Name : Taemin

Birth Name : Lee Tae Min

Nickname : Handy Boy Taemin, Maknae Taemin, Tae, Taememe, Dancing Machine, Taeminnie, Magic Hand Taemin

Position : Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Maknae

Origin : Seoul, South Korea

Birthday : July 18, 1993

Zodiac Sign : Cancer

Height : 179 cm

Weight : 53 kg

Blood Type : B

Official Website : taemin.smtown

Official Color : Yellow

Fanclub : Taemints

Facts :

  1. Among SHINee members, he and Jonghyun have performed on Immortal Song 2.
  2. When Minho once had a big fight with Key and became awkward for 2 years, Taemin was the only member who didn’t know about it.
  3. Taemin doesn’t like to play sports with Minho since he never gets to beat him.
  4. Taemin is the first member to have a solo debut.

SHINee Members’ Popularity Ranking

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When you talk about SHINee members popularity ranking, SHAWOLs often debate about it. Actually, each member is popular in their own way and their own area. So, this SHINee members’ popularity ranking is being made based on some research from the internet posts.

  1. Jonghyun
  2. Key
  3. Minho
  4. Taemin
  5. Onew

Popularity Ranking explanation

  1. Jonghyun and Key appeared at KBS ‘World Date with SHINee’ on 2013 showing their global popularity among other members. Jonghyun has inspired a lot of people through his songs and Key often communicates to fans through social media. They are also able to speak English, which is a plus point for them.
  2. Minho started to spread his wings in acting and slowly gained public attention and worldwide attention after he accompanied the First Lady of US, Melania Trump. He was also chosen as one of the most handsome faces in 2017 from tccandler.
  3. Taemin is gaining worldwide attention for his album and he is known as the dancing machine of SHINee. He is also popular in Japan. Taemin showed his popularity in Japan by appearing as a cast member in a Japanese drama called ‘Final Life’ in 2017.
  4. Onew is gaining public attention for his appearance on the KBS drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’ which was a big hit drama in 2016. Although 2017 was a tough year for him, his popularity won’t fade away easily.