Let’s See SHINee’s Hilarious Moments on ‘Knowing Brother’ Here!


Check Out SHINee’s Appearances in Knowing Brother

SHINee is a boy band from SM Entertainment that debuted in 2008. SHINee consists of 5 members. They show the fresh side of Korean pop songs which always makes them release good quality music. Apart from their abilities in music, SHINee members are also good at variety shows. They always perform actions that make the audience feel entertained and pleasant.

In 2018, SHINee members appeared as guest stars of the Knowing Brother show several times. Knowing Brother is a variety show that is aired on the JTBC channel every Saturday at 9 PM. The program is hosted by famous celebrities as MCs, namely Kang Ho-dong, Lee Su-geun, Super Junior’s Kim Hee-chul, Lee Sang-min, Min Kyung-hoon, Seo Jang-hoon, and Kim Yeong-cheol. The concept of the program revolves around a group of boys in high school who are classmates. They have to guess the answer to a few questions asked by the guest stars. Besides that, they also play unique and fun games. The MCs’ hilarious behavior made this program loved by audiences.

Episode 132: Key and Min-ho


Episode 132 aired on June 16th, 2018. The members of SHINee who took part in this episode were Min-ho and Key, accompanied by other celebrities, such as the famous female comedian Jang Do-yeon. Min-ho is known for his very competitive attitude and tries hard to always win. Whereas Key is known as an idol who likes fashion and is naturally funny on variety shows. They were introduced as members of SHINee for 10 years. Min-ho was introduced as charismatic Min, who was known to be one of the most passionate people in SM Entertainment.

Min-ho also clarified the talk of people about him, saying that CEO Lee Soo-man avoids him because he has talked about politics or entertainment news whenever they would have a team dinner with TVXQ’s Yun-ho and Super Junior’s Si-won. Min-ho told the hosts that the three of them have never had a team dinner together, so the rumors people are spreading never actually happened. After that, Key added that CEO Lee Soo-man actually wants to avoid Hee-chul but Hee-chul hasn’t realized it yet.

In this episode, both of them attacked Hee-chul, who is their senior. They said that Hee-chul has changed a lot now. They revealed that when they were still trainees they had to bend 90 degrees to greet him politely every time they met Hee-chul.

At the end of the segment, they played a game that involved guessing a word from a picture. Key showed his great ability in answering the questions asked by a teacher. In the first round, Key and Min-ho’s team managed to win and get snacks. The next game was to guess the continuation of the lyrics. The song that played was an old song. Min-ho successfully answered the last question that was actually worth three points. So they won the game and got the chance to perform the new song from SHINee, titled “I Want You.”

Episode 136: Tae-min


In episode 136, the youngest member of SHINee, Tae-min, didn’t appear as a guest on the show with his SHINee brothers, but rather with Super Junior’s Eun-hyuk, MONSTA X’s Shownu, and Clon’s Goo Jun-yeob. They introduced themselves as the best dancers. Although the age gap between Clon and Tae-min is big, he explained that one of Clon’s songs, “Kung Ddari Shabara,” is actually the first song he loved as a child and he danced to it with his friends. So he felt honored to meet his senior on the show.

Tae-min debuted with his famous delicate little boy image but showed powerful dancing skills when he started to dance. The rumor about the two-faced Lee Tae-min was discussed again, regarding his 180-degree transformation.

In the next segment, Tae-min shared a funny experience that made everyone very surprised. After the shoot, he was preparing to go on another appointment, but then the manager answered an incoming call, after which he asked, “Did anyone take the microphone?” The rest of the members of SHINee said, “No.” Tae-min also found it ridiculous, but then he felt something on his back. Tae-min almost carried the microphone to the next appointment.

His senior, Eun-hyuk told the hosts that Tae-min tends to be forgetful when it comes to his belongings. He loses things very often. One time, he lost his phone in the van. He searched it everywhere and when he didn’t find it he thought he had lost it, so he bought a new phone. After a few days, he lost his phone again in the van. To find his phone he tried to reach under the seat and felt a phone and it turned out to be his old phone. Hee-chul then said to Tae-min, “So you are really sloppy.”

The game in this program was led by a teacher who told them to volunteer and demonstrate a word with their body movement and the rest of the members must guess the word. And the next game involved guessing again, where, after the teacher would show dance footage, they had to guess what kind of dance will continue after the pause. Tae-min managed to answer the last question with Wang Rong Rollin’s Chick Chick, which was quite popular in 2014.

The episode ended with the announcement of the best dancer, namely Lee Soo-geun. Nevertheless, Tae-min looked relaxed in this program because he could tell jokes that made the hosts laugh. Even though he wasn’t accompanied by his brothers, Tae-min was able to do very well in the program.